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                                           -All Natural 2: Dairy Matters-
                                          Cow-Girl Transformation Chapter

                                             Written by Dr-Black-Jack

                        Based on the original characters ‘Chelsee’ and Meagan

                                   Chelsee and Meagan © by Blyzzarde


Chapter 1: Milk and Honey

"What the hell am I even doing out here?!"

Even through the shade of the forest greenery, Meagan could still feel the searing heat. It was the hottest summer on record that year and rather than being able to relax in an air conditioned room she found herself trudging through the sweltering wilderness. The dirt road she had driven through had come to an end several hours ago, leaving her to continue the rest of her journey on foot.

"Everything's so hot and sticky….Eww, I can feel my top sticking to my boobs."

A couple of fingers slid into the gap of her cleavage as she separated herself from her sweaty singlet. Oh, what she would have given for a nice cold bath to soak in and a tall, frosty drink to slip between her twins instead. Staring at the glistening moisture which pooled between her perky B cups only made her thirstier, the rolling droplets reminding her of plump, rounded cocktail glasses filled to the brim with vanilla daiquiri.


Vanilla daiquiri, why on earth did she crave the very same drink which had gotten her into this mess in the first place? If it weren't for her cousin's constant goading to have that 'just one more,' none of THAT night's events would have ever happened. She wouldn't have made a fool of herself on the dance floor. She wouldn't have entered that game of strip poker. She DEFINITELY would not have let herself be seen sprawled across the bar-room table wearing little more than her micro skirt and panties whilst guys did shots off of her trim tummy.

Not even the early morning amnesia of the following day would be able to spare her from the consequences of her lewd deeds. A killer hangover accompanied her to breakfast and with it, a DVD by her bedside with her exploits so lovingly recorded by her cousin Cassie. Meagan sat bolt upright, nearly spilling her cereal in the process, with her mouth agape as she rewatched the night's events. She didn't know what was worse, the fact that for a single night the quiet and conservative Meagan was more animal than girl, or the fact that she recalled enjoying every second of it.

The video eventually ended with an extended message from her beloved cousin. In her hands she held two packaged copies of the very disc she was watching, one addressed to her parents and another to her boyfriend. Though terrified at what her parents would do to her, the very thought of what her boyfriend might say if he found out about this video say was what really sank Meagan's spirits.

"Meagan, Meagan, Meagan, whatever are we going to do with you? I never expected that such a wild and rebellious girl existed beneath that nerdish exterior. You've still got a lot to learn about collage life and everything it entails. But not to worry my dear cousin, for I am here to help! For the nominal fee of…oh…being my slave for a week…I can ensure that these discs never again see the light of day. Should you choose to accept, and I know you will, there are a few errands which I'd like you to complete for me before I return at the end of the week. I hope you have a pen dear because the list is as follows…"

This wasn't the first time Cassie had tricked her and once again Meagan only had herself to blame. After hastily jotting down her cousin's orders she curled up in her blankets attempted to bury her face in what was left of her cereal.


"When Cassie told me to go pick up some milk as part of the deal to keep her trap shut I knew it seemed too easy to be true….I've heard of people going out to the boonies because stuff is cheaper but this is absolutely ridiculous! That's the last time I ever get her to talk me into going out with her again! I swear, the next time I see her I'm gonna-"

Meagan paused. Whinging and complaining was just what Cassie would have wanted her to do and by getting angry, she would have already fallen deeper into her cousin's clutches. Thoughts of revenge, holding grudges; those were such animalistic tendencies that should be far beneath a demure and pure young woman such as herself. After all, she was in college now. If she was going to prove herself the bigger girl, she would just have to suck it up and make the most of the situation.  

"Alright, alright, maybe this isn't so bad after all. I mean, there are plenty of good things out here. Um, the trees are nice....uh...I can talk as loud as I like and no one will tell me to be quiet...hmmm...Oh! Best of all! There's no Cassie for miles and miles around!"

The smile quickly returned to her face as her spirits began to rise once more. The forest, nature, it was all quite relaxing once she had let herself get used to it. Thoughts of how much weight she'd lose from the exercise she was getting, the nice healthy tan she would receive the longer she stayed out there and how she was subconsciously getting back at her immature older cousin were but a few of the ideas which sustained her. Before she knew it, the trees and shrubs had parted to reveal a grassy clearing with a few small buildings off in the distance with a white picket sign lodged firmly into the ground to welcome her.

'All Natural Dairy Farm ~ One taste is all it takes"

"Wow that was fast! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. Oh well, I'll just pick up the milk and make sure to enjoy myself even more on the way back."

A light breeze picked up as she strode through the long tufts of grass, their delicate blue-green blades brushing over her feet through her sandals. There was a strange sense of calm this place brought to Meagan, an unparalleled feeling of freedom that brought out her inner child. Smiling happily to herself, she decided to kick off her sandals and continue onward with bare feet, wriggling her toes against the cool earth as she headed towards the main homestead.

"Ooooohhh that feels good! Now that's something I haven't done in a while. It feels so heavenly to relax like this once in a while." Meagan sighed heavily, allowing the wind to playfully bat at her lengthy chestnut ponytail. "I guess the best things in life really are those which are free. The hustle and bustle of the city is great and all, but I guess I'm really just a country girl at heart. I wouldn't mind living in a place like this after I graduate."

The shaggy carpet soon gave way to a smooth, cobblestone path which divided towards the other various aspects of the farm. A weather-worn barn, an iron tool-shed and a two-story cottage, everything about the place gave it a sense of rustic wholesomeness. It was like stepping into a snapshot of more innocent and simpler times.

"Wow, even the door knocker is a manual one," thought Meagan as she ran her hand across the silver latch on the cottage's front door. "This hill-billy decor is kind of cool, but I hope the people who live here aren't the types to chase me off the land with a shotgun for trespassing. I've seen what cabin fever can do to people and with all of this isolation, there are bound to be a few weirdos."


"Hello? Is anybody there?"


"Hello? My name is Meagan and I'm here to pick up some milk for my cousin Cassie?"

More silence

"I think she called before to let you know I was coming."

Even more silence.

"Um, I've got internet access on my Epod TouchTM. It shows you a lot of pretty and interesting things from the world outside. I'll give it to you if you promise not to kill me and bury me out in the woods."

There was a soft click as the deadlock quickly came undone, followed by the metal rattling of rusty chains together with the silky tones feminine voice from within.

"Just an EtouchTM? I've already got the next generation EphoneTM. You're really falling behind the times with technology sweetie."

A pair of soft blonde curls emerged from the crack of the opening, followed swiftly by a pair of the deepest, sapphire blue eyes which Meagan had ever seen. Where she had been expecting a buck-toothed farmer twirling a piece of straw between his lips, this woman was absolutely radiant, a southern belle in the truest of senses. Even from her face alone she could tell that she was a beauty. She had flawless milk-white skin, rosy pink lips and plump and full-bodied cheeks, all of which accentuated the softness of her floppy, black and white ears.


Meagan did a double-take. Those adorable ears were only part of the surprise. As the door creaked open a little more, she soon found herself facing a pair of the fattest, juiciest double D cups, almost bursting out of a too-tight army-style singlet with what looked to be a second pair of jugs bulging out from underneath. The shock of seeing such bizarre proportions was only matched by the jaw-dropping astonishment that came from looking further below. A prominent bulge the size of a large flour-bag which presented itself between her enormously chunky hips, squeezed into a pair of HIGHLY modified, cut-off blue jeans.

"What the hell is wrong with her body?!"

"I hope you'll forgive my appearance, but it's been a while since I've had any visitors," came the woman's sunny manner as she gingerly attempted to cover herself. "I couldn't hear the front door knocker all that well over the milking machines in the back and I usually conduct all my sales over the net so it's rare that anyone actually comes to see me in person."

"Bu-but, w-wha-"

"So you're here about the milk order right?" immediately continued the woman as she noted Meagan's distraction. "Just so that we can nip things in the bud before anything gets out of hand, I would like for us to discuss the elephant in-between us before moving onto the sales transaction."

"Elephant?" Meagan's eyes widened as she fixed upon on the swelling which was flanked by the woman's shapely thighs.

"My appearance of course! I'll bet this entire establishment that you've never seen a girl like me before."

Indeed, Meagan had not.  

"They're...uh...props for a new advertisement I'm shooting over the net," the woman elaborated, giving her cow-bell necklace a gentle flick. "You know, showing off my dedication to my work. I know it's a bit unorthodox but I've learned that the best approach to scoring a sale is to get out there and do something that people would remember."

Before Meagan had realized anything, the woman had seized one of her hands and pressed it to the side of her face. The warmth of her cheeks radiated across the centre of her palm as she directed the forced caress, stroking the length of those cherubic cheeks before moving up to part her lengthy, blonde bangs. Meagan's heart began to race as the woman gradually inched her hand closer to her more non-human-looking appendages.  

"See, plastic! They are completely artificial," the woman cheerily announced as she directed Meagan's fingertips to squeeze one of her rubbery, cow ears. "Of course that's nothing like the milk we sell here at All Natural! 100% taste and no added preservatives! I can take you on a grand tour if you're still not convinced."

"Um...t-this is great and all...but I really need to be going," Meagan shakily replied as she began to feel her hand being lowered to the height of the woman's dribbling lower breast. "So if you don't mind I would-"

"Oh! My apologies! I just tend to ramble on like that so you've just gotta tell me when I'm talking too much. Just stay right here for a moment and I'll fetch the order I prepared."

Meagan breathed a heavy sigh as the woman let her hand drop and turned back inside the house. Her relief would be short lived however, as she caught sight of a golden blonde tuft of hair from what looked like a tail, swinging happily from a hole cut into the back of the woman's slacks. Rather than contemplate how a dairy farmer out in the middle of nowhere managed to afford such realistic animatronics, Meagan came to a simpler conclusion; she had to get the milk and get out of there as soon as possible.

"There we go! One bottle of the dairy's finest. I've personally overseen the production of this batch and I can guarantee its utmost freshness and quality. Everything's been paid in full so all you have to do is deliver. Your cousin has always been a bit of a milk connoisseur so I do hope that this one continues to live up to her standards."

Meagan forced a smile as she carefully grasped the bottle, trying her best to look sincere. The cool glass against her skin sent a shiver down her spine, a feeling which replicated itself barely seconds later as the woman lay a gentle hand across her shoulder. Meagan's blood momentarily ran cold as the woman leaned in so close that she could feel the doughy textures of all four of those enormous, milky breasts pressing into her back.   

"Oh, and one more thing," the woman whispered. "Please don't open it until it's been refrigerated for 48 hours. The taste tends to, err, 'disagree' with some people if the milk hasn't been allowed to settle. If you'd like more information please examine our product disclosure statement .PDF available for download on our website. You can find us on the side of the bottle!"

Stretching both arms with a yawn, and inadvertently flashing her lower cleavage line in the process, the woman released Meagan from her grip and motioned to the conclusion of their business.

"Alright, I'd better get back to work. Cows don't milk themselves you know, and I'm a little short on help around here. Say hi to your cousin for me and thanks for shopping with All Natural!"

"How can I say hi to her if I don't know your name?" Meagan asked reflexively.

The dairy owner thought for a moment, smiled warmly and waved her patron a fond goodbye.

"My name is Chelsee. Please feel free to come again!"


"Not to open for 48 hours huh?"

Chelsee's honeyed tones trickled through Meagan's thoughts as she trudged back through the forest, pressing the cool glass bottle to her face and breasts every so often to revel in cold comfort. Never before had she heard of any milk having such stringent instructions other than 'shake well before serving' which meant that this stuff wasn't just any regular dairy treat.
There was no way that her normally lazy and manipulative cousin would have to travel out here every time she wanted some cream for her coffee or something for her cereal unless there was a good reason. The cogs in her mind began to turn.

"Now I get it! Cassie must be one of those people who need specialized milk otherwise she has cramps or something. She's let her guard down and showed me her weakness!"

Although she had resolved to not gripe about her cousin's antics leading her on a milk-trip to the middle of nowhere, she had never recalled anything about forgiveness. A mischievous sneer parted her lips as Meagan's thoughts once again took a more sinister edge. The animal inside of her demanded retribution and what she held in her palm was the key to her success.

What a diabolical concoction it was that she had in mind. An act of such malevolence which would stain her soul a black deeper than pitch bled from her tattered psyche as she allowed herself to give in to her demonic desire. She would surely become a dark queen amongst women, nothing less would be able to define the extent of just how horrifying a plan she had conceived. Just this once she would allow herself to revel in the pleasure of exacting her sweetest revenge. Just this once she would allow the animal to win.

All antiquity had reached a standstill as Meagan slipped a slender finger into the pull-tab at the bottle's neck. For the briefest of instances, the hiss of a vacuum seal being undone with a pop whispered through the trees of an otherwise soundless forest.

"Oops, sorry about that," Meagan playfully smirked, the dark clouds of her mind quickly dissipating amidst the slivers of forest sunshine. "Guess I'm pretty clumsy to have gone and opened it like that. Darn these butter fingers of mine."

Though the act in itself was nowhere near as evil as she had envisioned it to be, the normally straight-laced Meagan had never once felt so good for allowing herself to be so bad. The spoiling of her cousin's milk would be her first prank of her freshman year at collage, let alone her first prank ever, and to her the plan was pure genius.  

"I suppose that a villainous laugh wouldn't be out of place about now...."

After coming this far, it was the only logical thing to do.


The elegant illusion of her 'Bond-villainess persona' was almost immediately shattered as she lurched forward into an ungainly fit of dry coughing.

"Good God it's hot. 32 degrees and I'm sweating like a pig here," Meagan gasped as she pressed a palm between her moist chest to steady her breathing. "No wonder my throat is so parched. I need something to drink before I get heat stroke."

With her whole body feeling hotter and stickier than ever, she was again reminded of the nearest source of coolness. The bottle of milk she had opened looked quite appealing at that moment, the easiest way to quench her powerful thirst. Licking her dry lips with what little saliva she could muster, Meagan raised the bottle to her lips and immediately began to swallow; the taste was irresistible.

"AH! Refreshing! That freaky cow lady really wasn't kidding about this stuff being some of the best."

Gulp after gulp she continued to guzzle, drinking deep of the creamy mix. Never before had she ever sampled milk so appetizing, and without that plastic aftertaste from the supermarket brands. The bottle wasn't even a quarter full by the time she finished her next chug, licking the white moustache from her upper lip with a satisfied smile of a girl well fed.

"Hope this stuff is skim," Meagan soliloquised as she tested her newly revitalised voice. "It'd be a shame if it wasn't since I think I'm already starting to develop an addiction to it."

And that's when it happened.


It struck like a surge of candied lightning, an electrifying experience mingling with a taste of rich, thick honey that dribbled down the back of her throat. So sickeningly sweet was the sensation that Meagan could not help but feel like gagging on her own saliva every time she swallowed, but could not help but continue to do so. Whilst the sugary taste was predominantly confined to her mouth and tastebuds, the tingling jolt from the initial surge began to wash over her in waves with every surge causing her muscles to seize and weaken. The quarter-full bottle slipped through her tingling fingertips and shattered against a rock hiding underneath the forest floor.

"W-what's happening to me....?"

Pressure was building from within Meagan's slender body, a pain which she had never experienced the likes of ever before. The milk she had ingested was wreaking havoc with her insides, stretching her intestines as she processed the creamy mix. Folding her arms around her abdomen she could feel her stomach churning violently before abruptly passing into an eerie calm as it entered its next phase. The flatness of her taut abs slowly began to recede into her body, replaced by something far less firm on its surface beneath her aching breasts.

Before she even realised it, her whole body had began to soften. Years of exercises and self-discipline were quickly becoming lost as her figure was warped against her will. The sweet sensation which trickled down her throat was burning her up from the inside and melting away her former fitness like a blow torch to a scented candle.

"My's changing...."

Melted hints of her ones toned and well-shaped abs soon congealed into a single mass of lumpy pudge. Excessive flesh applied itself like globs of paint to her formerly flat-as-a-canvas figure, her stomach rapidly bloating to part the confines of her shirt and slacks. From tummy, to belly and finally to a downright gut, Meagan could not help but stare bug-eyed as she witnessed herself being ruined by the growth of a spare tire which swallowed the previously defined curvature of her hips. That wasn't to say that her changes had not continued elsewhere as she felt herself continue to expand at a far more rapid pace.

Grinding her teeth together, she miserably clutched her backside only to feel that the growth of her humongous hips had not spared her posterior. She was growing even fatter from the back as the skin of her ass swelled and sagged until each cheek had roughly doubled in size. Flabbier and flabbier, they soon resembled a pair of saggy, overfilled sponges dimpled with cellulite. She could feel the flesh of her newly endowed buns stretching her shorts, causing them to slip lower and lower until she could feel the breeze of the forest around her over the deepening crevice of her ass as it was consumed.

"W-what the hell?!"

Meagan's thoughts soon moved away from the great depths of her plunging ass crack as a more immediate change caught her eye. Her breasts were swelling up beneath her singlet at an astounding pace. She could not help but stifle a moan as she felt the pressure which started in her stomach begin to move into her chest, puffing her up in short bursts. Centimetres of excess flesh added themselves to her voluptuous cups as she swelled her bindings to their limit. It was times like these that she thanked her laziness for deciding to go bra-less despite warnings that her boobs would sag without them. Not that it really mattered at this point as she could feel her nipples enlarging and beginning to dip under the excess weight as her cups continued to inflate.


Her hands didn't know what to do with themselves. They hovered over her swelling ass, her bulging breasts and her plumping paunch, unsure whether to touch her fat or flee. The spaghetti string straps of her clothing which started biting into a thick roll of back fat soon took precedence as Meagan desperately tried to slide them down her chunky shoulders before it cut off her circulation. A fissure-like tear would beat her to the punch, as the sound of ripping fabric pulled taut by her enormous tits revealed the panoramic presentation of her plunging cleavage line and her coke-bottle-cap sized nipples. As fat and heavy as her chest was becoming, what surprised the changing girl even more was that neither of her breasts drooped any further despite being pneumatically plumped to the size of regular rockmelons.

Her support came in the form of her bulging belly. She cupped the underside of her forming belly-hang, momentarily passing into the deepening crevice of her belly button and up the slope of her growing stomach shelf. A second large roll had begun to form; a shelf of fat which was sustaining her perkiness.

Funnily enough, this new mound of flesh was heavier than her stomach underneath and its skin was smoother and more sensitive than her now excessive tummy. The more she touched it, the more she could feel it begin to seemingly divide down the middle and continue to stretch her singlet. A pair of hard bumps soon appeared on its surface, then becoming lumps and finally transforming into something of the same coke-bottle-cap consistency as her nipples. Meagan would soon come to curse her curiosity as she lifted up her singlet only to discover a second pair of fat engorged boobs had flopped out from underneath.


What had started off as a curious fascination, her gradually gaining had now turned to a morbid fear of her rapidly evolving form. She tried her best to stuff her extra tits back into her singlet, her fingers trembling in the face of so much quivering flesh. Four fat filled breasts were soon followed by a pair of horns sprouting at the side of her head and a dainty tuft of a tail sprouting from her widening backside and past her lengthy ponytail. She could feel her eyes widen as she saw it beginning to elongate and gently flail backwards and forwards as though it had a life of its own. She cupped her hands across her ears as she huddled against her knees, the terror she felt only seeming to speed up the process as she began to feel them change too.

"So fat...TOO fat!...M-my girlish figure...all ruined...." Meagan sobbed as she rubbed her elongating ears. "W-why is this happening to me?!"

Self pity would have to wait as a pressure began to build between her red-wood thighs at a disturbingly fast rate. Where a thinner Meagan would have immediately leapt to her feet, the now partially transformed young woman only managed to weakly struggle to lift her ballooning figure in order to inspect the space where her stretched out panties clung on to and diligently shielded her sex from the elements. Reaching her busy fingers between her now skin-tight slacks, Meagan grimaced even more as she felt the skin above her honey pot begin to take on the same consistency as the roll of fat which had evolved into her extra boobs. It was soft, rubbery and oh so sensitive to the touch.  

"I'm getting too big...too clothes can't contain it! I'm going to....POP!"

Grunting and moaning like a wild woman, Meagan cupped her breasts beneath the tattered remains of her singlet which had shredded from the pressure. Her nipples had now reached the size of car radio-dials as they protruded through the gaps of her clothing, their pale pink areola surfacing like four islands amidst a sea of rolling belly. Unable to take any more, she clawed away her restraints and allowed them their freedom, all four bouncing and jiggling as their growth entered the final phase. The pressure which constricted around her chest soon vanished as she relinquished a sigh which she had been saving, the release from her bindings sending a rolling wave of pleasure through her as she flexed the numerous rolls of her back fat and sent the remaining fabric flying like a pieces of a burst balloon. At almost 250 pounds she had more than doubled her original size but that fact alone was not enough to distract her from the urgency of needing to free herself from her jeans.

The rubbery mass at her pubic mound was expanding. By this point, her gradual transformation had reached full speed and was now determined to see her changes through as soon as possible. Inches upon inches of fat added itself to the growing lump, pushing itself out between the prominence of her swollen hips and belly. Reaching down in front of her slacks with both hands, she attempted to heave it out from the confines of her jeans and snap her panties off in the process.

Where the lump had previously melded with the gentle curve of her belly, it now stood out a fair distance for her to see. Without the cloth to restrain it, Meagan was free to touch and squeeze it, sending out a burst of carnal pleasure rumbling through the thickness between her legs. It was smooth and yielding, just like her extra breasts had been, but with four, hard and slightly painful bumps protruding from its surface. Tail, ears, belly and breasts, she had an idea of what was happening but could not bring herself to accept it.


The shock of her revelation was enough to jumpstart Meagan's rational side in determining what to do. She had to get out of there; she had to get help before the next transformation was complete. But in order to do so, she would have to first free herself enough to move. The mass above her crotch quivered in response to her subconscious and quickly swelled to the size of a honeydew melon to help her hands undress. She blushed ever so slightly as she watched the halves of her torn panties fall from beneath her as she worked her slacks past the width of her thighs.

Her hips were now wider than a doorframe, the roundness of her rear flaring out from her blubbery hips down to her still thin lower legs. The sagging fold of gut quivered beneath the massive spheres of her four breasts, still quaking after being freed. She was now completely naked, and so very, very fat. As she stepped forward, she felt her hips swivel, largely due to her thighs parting from the growing gap between her legs.

To call it a gap was not exactly true as the space was filled by the largest female organ which Meagan had ever seen. It hung out in front of her like a sandbag, forming creases between her thighs where the weight strained on its skin and pull itself out the same way a rubber glove stretched when filled with water. She ran the underside of her foot against the spool-sized nipples along its surface which confirmed her greatest fear.

Meagan had grown an udder.

"W-what the hell is this?...I can't think vision's starting to blur..."

The strain of her body's conversion was exhausting her both physically and mentally. Shutting her eyes tightly, she refused to acknowledge her new form. Her coping mechanism had been reduced to that of a child as she desperately attempted to 'pull' her extra appendages off. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them together, only managing to leave four sets of red palm marks where the skin had pressed so fervently. Her swaying tail was now impossible to catch as she found herself unable to even reach right around the globular shelves of her ass. That massive pubic mound slowly moved itself backwards between her legs, pulling her growing udder with it. By the time she got around to reaching for her floppy, cow-like ears and the curved horns which sprouted out the side of her head, she barely had the strength to even give them a slight tug. She needed to find help before it was too late.

"Can't do this myself..." Meagan mumbled as she blindly stumbled back in the direction she had walked from. "Gotta get help...gotta get back..."


"All this summer weather certainly makes the weather unpredictable. It's a good thing that I managed to take the washing in before the rain began."

Chelsee sighed as she looked away from the book she was reading and rose from her recliner. The mound between her legs wobbled profusely as she stood, her thighs permanently spread a minimum of ten inches and gyrating as she approached the window. The warmth of a fine summer's day had summoned a mid-day storm, the dark clouds rolling in to spatter her window with fat droplets of rain and send a chill rolling through the mass between her thighs. Seeing so much liquid spraying out so freely reminded her of that incident so many years ago which had left her the woman she was today. It was times like this when she wondered what it would have been like if she had grown up as a normal girl, like the one who had visited her that afternoon.

Whatever the case, the past was the past. She admittedly did enjoy her new life a lot more than she did her old, but wishing her 'condition' on others was not something which she would ever have wanted. In truth it was a lonely existence being out on the farm and away from the urban sprawl she had been raised in, but it wasn't like she really had much of a choice to adopt a life of isolation given her present form. Even with her internet connection to keep her up to date, Chelsee just thought it would be nice if she had visitors more often.

Her meagre contemplations were soon interrupted by the rapid hammering of a doorknocker which pierced the silence of her lounge room right on cue.


Who could have possibly had business with her amidst the pouring rain? After a few desperate minutes trying to fumble her udder into her work pants, the Chelsee threw down her leggings in a huff and decided to risk having her secret exposed. It wouldn't matter so long as she kept herself hidden behind the door.

One by one the chains on her door came undone, each deadbolt clicking rhythmically as Chelsee moved to turn the final latch. Where she had initially only intended to open the door a crack to take a peak, what lay beyond it was more than enough to convince her to fling the door wide open.

"Meagan! Is that really you?!"

Teary eyed and drenched, she was a sorry sight. Her long brown hair was matted with leaves and mud, as was the rest of her body. Thick splatters of dirt caked the surface of her multiple breasts like an earthen bikini, with dark lines streaking down to where the rainwater pooled at her navel. Her once-tanned skin now ran pale from the cold, the surface of her great belly jiggling as shivers racked her body. Chelsee marvelled at the width of Meagan's thighs and the bulge of her butt, its circumference matching her own down to the broad crinkle of fat forming where her ass melded into her thighs.

The astounding transformation to her upper half was still nothing compared of the great, engorged udder which emerged between her legs. Almost one and a half times the size of her own, her skin had changed to look exactly like a real cow's would with the exception of developing a deep, pinkish hue. With each nipple growing to nearly four inches in length and at least two inches thick, she was almost as much of a cow as a woman. In a few short hours, she had become just like Chelsee.

Hair soaked and eyes glazed, Meagan weakly tottered forward. Feeling the last of her strength drain from her legs, she immediately collapsed on the floor of the house. Chelsee's words of panic were only heard as a garbled mess as she hastily tried to cradle Meagan's head against her udder whilst attempting to reach the first-aid kit she kept by her door. The throbbing warmth of another girl's warmth revived her just enough to utter a few words before her field of vision faded to black.

"Hey're not wearing a costume...are you...?"

Ever really wanted to now what happened to those characters at the end of zombie movies AFTER they escape and go in search of more help? Nah, me neither. Instead, I present to you all yet another installment in the strange story of Chelsee the Shopkeeper and just what happened to her following her MASSIVE transformation.

Introducing Meagan! One of :iconblyzzarde:'s newest OCs who has yet to fully enjoy the wonderful experience of body modification! Please give her a warm welcome as she plunges head first into the unknown and finally understand the true meaning of Christmas!

(Well not really, but enjoy her being turned into a chubby cow girl none the less! Contains WG, milk drinking, rapid transformation, udder growth, quad breasts and small horns and ears!)

(King of deviants, do you have enough fetishes?!)

Complete illustrations of this story to follow!
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Blyzzarde's Chelsee is a favourite of mine, and you have done her apparent generally nice personage full justice here. I seldom think of her as a cow, but it fits what I've seen and read of her, in some ways. A good tale (so far).
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brony1486 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
It was excellent; despite the typos...:')
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
lol glad you like it. Its an old one but well loved. Do check out Blyzzarde's accompanying Illustrations!

also, where were the typos exactly? Some stuff may be spelt with "U" in them purely because of british/australian english lol
human72 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
I have a furaffinity account now.
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Be sure to check out Blyzzarde's gallery to see his epic illustrations for this set!
human72 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Right I shall and will and had.
Kratos-Kid Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
Amazing story.
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lol it's an older one, but thanks. do check out blyzzarde's fantastic illustrations for the whole thing
Kratos-Kid Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
I will for sure. I remember seeing your stories ages ago on that old animexpansion forum. The place kinda went to pot but it had its glory days.
human72 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
I wounder if there are going to be pics to relect the story .
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Actually there already are. blyzzarde drew up 16 or so pages of illustrations to go with this story some time ago. currently they're only available on his furaffinity page because of their explicit nature lol
human72 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
Dam. And I don't have the said account. O-well At least I know now where they are. At least for the sake of every one put the link for them up in the discription.
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
yeah I think I'll do that.

It's here if you're ever interested in taking a look [link]

It was also posted on bbwchan at some point as well, if you are familiar with that site at all
human72 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
I am not fimilar with bbwchan. Do explain this.
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
BBW-chan is a message board where people post a lot of WG content. It's divided up into a variety of sections, including one devoted to art and one devoted to stories.

[link] take a poke around, if you know how to use 4chan, then you can use this place
human72 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
I think i do konw how to use it. I think?
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i'm sure you'll figure it out!
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king81992 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010
Great story!!!
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you like it XD
RokotheFA Featured By Owner May 3, 2010
amazing work, hotter than hell ^^
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks XD it's something a bit different to what I usually do, but I'm glad you liked it XD
RokotheFA Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
heh maybe you should do this more
shapelypear77 Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
sort looks like solois's work in a way
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
OH yeah I completely forgot about that guy XD But whilst he does cowgirls as well, it's more Blyzzarde's art style that's the base around all of this XD Do check out his page if you haven't already!
Blyzzarde Featured By Owner May 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
He does udders and cowgirls too, but actually I was more inspired by artists like NexusT and :iconzdemian:. =)
Evertide Featured By Owner May 1, 2010   Writer
Good...gravy. This just takes all the fetishes it works with and drills them for all they're worth. The only way this could be better is if the preg-...oopsie poopsie...almost let the cat out of the bag there.

...But if that were their own full stories.
Dr-Black-Jack Featured By Owner May 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I tried giving all the fetishes their own separate stories again, but hey, that would basically just be more of the same right? XD Blyzzarde actually requested that the order of events occur as written so it ended up being double fetishes displayed at every chapter XD

It's quite different to what I usually write, but I still hope that you could find it enjoyable none the less XD
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