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I AM REBORN!! It will be a pleasure working with you Dr.!
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and his name is JOHN CENA!!!!
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don't look behind you
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I'm stalking you!!!
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what wonders this box brings!
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the weight of the wo[R]ld

By: Dr-Black-Jack

“You are going to have to make a choice.”

As far as 2B was concerned, losing her mobility was not an option. That meant that something else would have to go.

“How about…detection of fishing areas and sound waves?”

“Data chips extracted. Error: Insufficient space for taste synthesis chip. Please make a further selection.”

Losing her intellect circuits would render this entire exercise pointless so that wasn’t any good and removing her operating system program would mean the end of her existence. The android’s virtual fingers drummed thoughtfully along the control panel within her visor as her pod set about making the changes to her physical form.

“Hacking software isn’t useful for model B combat units…I can also probably do without the damage buffer as long as I still have my enhanced evasion range…Can we try that pre-set combination to maximize space while maintaining combat efficiency?”

“Confirmed. Load-out A selected. Error: Insufficient space.”

“Seriously?! Even after defragging all drive sectors?”

“Unit 2B must remove one more piece of non-essential hardware to free up sufficient expansions lots. Pods cannot interfere with slot selection. You are going to have to make a choice.”

2B took hard look at her life in the form of a neatly arranged row of circuits. Her black box was her heart and soul, everything that made her who she was. The choices she made could mean the difference between victory and defeat and always hung in the back of her mind.

Normal human girls could never chop and change their personality so easily. Erasing or enhancing memories and abilities by manipulating them by hand took the sort of patience and effort only androids could afford. Operator 6O had once mentioned to her that some humans did however, once take an exceedingly long time to decide what they were going to wear before embarking on important courtship activities…what was that word again…a date?

The android sat at the edge of her sterile, white recharging bay within the bunker, the room designated as ‘hers’. It was a small space, overlooking the Earth from on high as the YoRHa station twirled through the endless darkness of the galaxy. Outside of the sparse furnishings, it contained everything she owned and served as a private space for her to collect her thoughts. Whenever a mission ended poorly, this is also where she would wake up again and be told by 6O exactly what had happened. Sometimes she remembered. Sometimes it all just seemed like a dream.

“This one here…I think I can do without it for a while…”

“Confirmed. Installing Taste Synthesis Function…Now Loading…”

2B watched as a thin, black card emerged from the little cube only to be immediately replaced by another. It didn’t hurt at all, in fact, she never felt anything during a data overhaul. It was this change which always scared her the most as she realized that she could easily transition from one person into another just with a slight arrangement of a few strings of code. She wondered how much of her had to be replaced before she was no longer an original Unit 2B. 

“Taste Synthesis successfully installed. Commencing diagnostics. Would Unit 2B please try substance ‘Twinkie’ to confirm?”

The floating pod hovered over to the desk overlooking her room’s single window and retrieved the one of the many bleached white boxes they had found in the desert. It proffered another neatly wrapped treat up for the android’s inspection.

“Well, here goes nothing…”

She took one of the ancient snack foods from its wrapper. Part of her felt she was defiling history by devouring one of these relics but analysis and preservation of the human way of life also demanded a sacrifice in the name of research. Under the cold light of her sterile room, its greasy sheen glistened between her gloved fingertips. She bit in and chewed. Crumbs tumbled to the floor.

“Amazing!” 2B exclaimed, eyes widening at the taste. “This is actually really good.”

She frantically chewed and swallowed the spongy cake, biting off one piece followed by another. 2B tipped the empty packet back into her open mouth to catch the flakes of uneaten white frosting upon her tongue.

“I’ve never experienced such a complex sensation before…yet contained within something so simple…Humankind was truly a marvellous species.”

To this point, 2B’s entire experience of humanity had only bear witness to the atrocities of their wars and the crumbling remains of their mighty empires. Though she would never tell anyone out of fear of being labelled a heretic, part of her was glad that nature was reclaiming the world from her creators. The beauty and majesty of a flock of doves fluttering across the blue skies of that war-torn planet had always been a wonder for her to behold.

That respite for the soul now had a new rival. The chance to taste something so wonderful which had been created by human hands had given her a whole new outlook on their existence. It also gave her another empty packet in her hand as her visor locked on to a second piece.

“Further analysis is required. Retrieving a second sample for study.”

Another bite and another burst of sensation. 2B had never felt so alive. She had read somewhere that hunger was once described as the ‘best spice’ but up until this point, the concept had eluded her. Every time she chewed and swallowed, there was a little burst of what could only be described as an ‘enjoyable sensation’ coursing through her circuitry which compelled her to seek it out further. Soon, there was yet another empty packet clutched tightly in her other hand as her Pod continued to offer her the box.

More of this foreign substance had entered her body. There was twice as much of it this time. The unconscious internal engineer within her scratched its random-access memory and took to its internal drawing board. The substance didn’t seem dangerous, but it wasn’t immediately helpful either. It evaluated the greasy concoction now flowing freely through 2B’s internal fluids, trying to find any way to make it useful or enhance any of her other systems. While doing this, it would have to put it somewhere for the mean time until a suitable use would be found. Her body decided to store it.


“Yes, please.”

2B was astounded by how quickly she had complied with the offer. It usually took her a split second to process a decision but amidst the rushing sensations which her virgin body was being bombarded with, it seemed almost instinctive. Perhaps this ‘Twinkie’ substance was improving her logic core functionality.

Every bite brought with it more synthetic gel to her body’s outer padding. It was only a few grams here and there, but even her rump area had finite space. Her body decided to distribute its load. Everything was perfectly converted without a single carbon molecule wasted. Her frilly panties inched a few more millimetres into depth of her rear as she polished off the remainder of the box.



Pulling apart another box with gusto, 2B tore through the next few packets with less ceremony as she continued to bombard her senses. She began to eat with gusto, taking mouthful after mouthful of powdered sugar and crumbling cake. Greasy, caramelized sugar oozed between her plump lips and left the sides of her lips covered in a reflective sheen.


Her internal engineer worked feverishly to convert all this new material. New code was being written at a fever pitch as protocols were devised to determine new holding areas and make room for any potential expansion. Since it all initially landed at her abdominal clearance port, it would only be sensible for any holding to start there before it could be redistributed more evenly. It tested this new set of instructions and nodded with silent approval as a Twinkie-sized layer of gel began to form beneath 2B’s belly region, stretching her skin and the underside of her dress.

A jolt of electricity and heat surged through the android’s body as she polished off the second box and immediately began to work on her third. Was this the desire of ‘craving’ which she had heard so much about, something beyond her lust for battle which triggered her reward circuits in such a way that had formed a positive feedback loop?

The light of the stars outside her window began to dim. The details around her room which she has previously always been aware of also began to grow fuzzier. Soon, 2B seemed only to acknowledge of her food, the growing tautness around her belly region and the floating pod unit in front of her that only wished to offer her more.


The instant the food was past her lips, the android was barrelled through another wave of pleasure. Of course, this was certainly the most efficient way to improve her intake. As 2B chewed and swallowed, she was rewarded by more pleasurable sensations as calorie laden bite rode her new taste circuitry with all the force of an electric storm. At the height of each sensation, however came the inevitable fall as everything came to a halt once more. The sight of another empty packet began to fill her with a twinge of emptiness which ran a stark contrast to her rapidly swelling midriff.

”It’s so good…”

Whether it was simply a part of the diagnostic process or simply sensing 2B’s fluctuating emotions, the Pod unit tore open a fourth box and slid an unopened packet into the waiting fingers of the android’s other hand. Her free hand shuddered for a moment. Slightly unsure of what this new signal could have possibly meant, the Pod took 2B’s free hand and gently guided it towards her mouth where she did her best to rapidly chew what she had already bitten to make room for twice as much cake.

Each bite was rewarded with twice as much sensation, including a third one which she had yet to find a name for. “Fullness” was the term her internal engineer had decided upon as it crammed the last box worth of cakes into her abdominal holding area which now visibly bulged beneath her black, pinstripe dress. 2B was now at a conundrum as to how she would manage the mixed feelings of a desire to eat and the uncomfortable tightness registered by her artificial skin as her dress stretched to its limits to contain the roundness of a burgeoning belly.

The android was surprised by which the two powerful sensations were met with equal opposition. Her body’s pain receptors were very clear in signifying her fullness while her taste circuits demanded that she continue. Just a little more, couldn’t possibly hurt her as she leaned back on her bed to allow her belly more room. She looked down at herself as she polished off the fourth box only to be met by the rolling hill covered in a pinstripe pattern where once flatness had reigned supreme. The white lines curved and arched around her new belly bulge which was being rapidly converted to a soft and pliable synthetic gel. 2B cast her mind back to the bellies she had seen in the archived videos of obese human women and concluded that while hers was nowhere near as impressive in size or shape, eating so much food and brought about such a significant structural change.

There was still one box left.

2B’s mouth involuntarily hung half-open as she drew long, ragged breaths. The conversion process seemed to require a lot of oxygen and produced a lot of carbon dioxide. She was stuffed so full but could not bring herself to abandon a mission so close to its completion. Little did she realize that another new sensation of addiction was setting in, compelling the blank slate of her copied elements of humanity to drive itself further towards that desire to feed. 2B’s belly groaned in silent protest as she began to dig into the new box and expose more of the crumbling cakes to her still-hungry maw.

Her pod seized her hand before she could take yet another delicious bite.

“Diagnostics complete. Recommendation: please take a short break to answer. What is Unit 2B’s evaluation?”


It was the only word which 2B could immediately parse as she lay the cake down suckled the remaining hints of Twinkie from her gloved fingers.

The painful fullness inside her was rapidly resolving itself as her rounded belly began to diminish. Minutes passed before she would move again, allowing her body to coat itself in new gel from within, adding multiple thin layers of softness across her figure as she continued to swell.

She checked her mathematical drivers. Assuming each packet contained so many calories and there were so many packets within a box, 2B concluded that she would have to continue this practice many more times over if she were to get to her projected size. Given that she had never ‘eaten’ before and liked it, she was surely only scraping the bare potential of her capacity, something which she logically concluded would improve over time.

Taste was indeed the catalyst to unlocking her inner desires and drive her towards planned obesity. In a world where so many wonderful foods like this existed, it became clear to her now how a woman could allow herself to become so large. Once she had felt her internal systems had settled enough to allow her to move, her fingers immediately went back for the uneaten Twinkie.

“Pod,” 2B asked between bites, each one causing her softening belly to gradually grow tighter once more.


“How many more boxes...*mmmphmm*...remain in the supermarket facility?”


She had been waiting for this all day.

The bunker may have been the safest place for any YoRHa android, but Operator 6O felt that sometimes she could have easily traded that piece of mind to spend even a moment down among the ruined remains of human civilization. The books she had read, the food she had seen in the archives, the fashion magazines and all the fun activities humans once engaged in, even the photos from the hollowed out remains of that theme park 2B had shown her one time; these were what she craved. They were all long gone but that thirst and desire for knowledge spurred her desire to see and experience more if she could. For a non-combat unit like her, however, there was only one way she could experience it.

Operator 6O could barely count down the minutes as she watched the seconds tick by on her internal display. What might have seemed boring to some was thrilling to her as she craved to see the sun peek over the Earth’s horizon. She preened her short, blonde bangs and adjusted her headband as well as her veil. She stretched and wiggled her body to release some tension, allowing her skin-tight, fish-net attire to settle into her chair at her cubicle’s console. She never knew exactly why she did this, but she felt that presentation was just as important as the message. She stared into her camera, her hidden smile betrayed only by the unmistakable light in her eyes.

And then, the moment came.

“This is Operator 6O to 2B, come in! It’s time for your regularly scheduled- Hey! What’s going on?”

Where she had expected to see her screen erupt into color, she had been greeted only with a worded message. Never had the words ‘sound only’ felt so heart rending.

“This is…*mphmm*…2B. Go…*mmmphmm*…ahead.”

6O leaned forward. At least she could still hear her.

“Uh hey, 2B. I don’t know what’s going on but it seems like I can’t really get a visual on you or your surroundings. Can you see me?”

“Negative…*mmphmm-mmmphm*” 2B replied curtly. “I might have…*mpmmphmm*…damaged my video…*mmphmm*…communication array…”

“Oh that’s terrible!” 6O exclaimed, her wonder immediately turning to concern. “Are you okay? You should return to the Bunker right away so we can fix you right up!”

“No…*mpphmm*…need. I just…*mpphmm*…went back…”

The Operator Unit relaxed a little. If 2B had recently undergone maintenance then it was unlikely to be anything serious. She relaxed her grip on the sides of her desk.

“Well…okay…2B, I think I’m also getting some noise interference on my end. I can hear you but it sounds like you’ve got a mouthful of cotton wool or something. What are you doing?”

“In…*mphmm*…desert on…*mphmm*…reconnaissance…”

“Oh, okay…well, do be careful out there okay?” 6O chided gently. “We’ve had a spike in rogue machine activity and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my favourite girl-talk buddy! Did you hear what I said? It’s a neat term I learned from one of the old human female magazines. What do you think? Should we try and use more informal speech as a sign of building rapport?”

Her elation was only met by that empty sound similar to constant chewing. It was something the operator had never experienced when talking to 2B before.

“Come in, 2B. Are you still there?”

“Gotta…*mmphmm*…go…closing this…*mhpphmm*…channel.”

“Hey wait! I just wanted to-”

The light above her workstation’s camera dimmed as the connection closed. 2B had never hung up on her like that, even after spending hours at a time listening to her ramble about her latest discoveries of human civilization or being her shoulder to cry on whenever she was turned down by another android she liked. Operator 6O sank back into station and listened to the mind-numbing clacking of computer keys rapidly firing from the girls around her as they tended to their charges.

This all seemed very odd to 6O. If 2B had been back at the bunker, she could have at least said ‘hi’ to her in person or brought her back something new to study. The operator cursed the damaged video array as she watched her internal timer reset itself in the bottom corner of her vision to count down their next scheduled contact.

Against her better judgement, 6O found herself starting to pout. She folded up her slender arms against her small breasts as her veiled lips curled into a frown. Her brows furrowed and her blue eyes narrowed as suspicion started to creep in.

If 2B had undergone maintenance, there were sure to be logs she could access…

-meaningless [C]hips-
NieR: Automata WG Story - CH3
After all the hunger fades 
Signs of food all licked away 
I can still, still hear a gentle growl 

No matter how hard I pray 
Signs of hunger still remain 
And fullness has become my enemy 

Tell me when, is dinner going to be ready? 
Is this the price I'm paying for not tipping out those diet shakes? 

This is my redemption song 
I need you to get that food ready right now 
Can you feed me now? 

Mature Content

The weight of the wo[R]ld Part 3 by Bamboo-Ale

Now with more twinkies!

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the weight of the wo[R]ld

By: Dr-Black-Jack


“And that’s when she found me...with my skirt around my ankles, on my knees and buried face first against her exposed abdomen as she lay in her recharging bay…”

“I see.”

“She was just so soft…Her breasts and thighs are so much softer than mine are! She looked so cute when she slept. I even complimented her so I-I don’t understand why 21O got so mad…I mean, I had checked the records and found that humans did this to girls that they liked all the time back when they were still around! Even if I did skip a few chapters to get there…”

“Is that so?”

“They even wrote illustrated pictograph stories about doing it! The softer the girl, the better the feeling. T-this is all because I was just doing a little extra research into human courting activity, I’ll have you know! You can check the data access records if you don’t believe me!”


“T-that’s not to say I don’t think you’re also quite pretty, 2B! Your legs are so long and slender. You’ve got such cute, well-shaped breasts, a nice trim waist, and don’t even get me started on how thick and round your butt and thighs are! All us Operator Units do is sit around all day, you’d think they’d have designed us with buns like that to help us out. That’s not to say my hips are exactly small or anything. It’s just that—”

“Are you quite done?”

“Er…right. I apologize for the unnecessary chatter. Anyway, Operator 6O out!”

She always was a strange one. 6O’s transmissions were cheery as always but their content these days was becoming less and less mission focused and more centred on her failed dating attempts. Such activities were a part of human emotion and humans hadn’t been around for a very long time.

The combat android known as 2B looked up into the evening sky from her place among the city ruins. A haze of smoke produced by the machine lifeforms which now inhabited the ruins of Earth hung like a thin veil across the horizon. Clouds hung heavy beyond that haze and even further still, far above the atmosphere, the Bunker loomed. It was YoRHa Headquarters, the android base and humanity’s final hope in reclaiming their home world.

When the aliens landed and the machines invaded, 2B and her kind were sent to fight on the behalf of their human creators. Built in their likeness, they had ushered their remaining human masters off to the safety of the moon while they set about cleansing the Earth. That was thousands of years ago and although none of the newer models had ever laid eyes on an actual human, evidence of their civilization remained. From the crumbling remains of vast cities to the overgrown forests where nature had reasserted its claim, they had sworn to uphold the singular purpose for which they were created. Emotions got in the way of the mission protocol and thus, emotions were prohibited.

“And yet, there are still girls like her…”

Over time, androids had started to develop their own personalities. Where 2B retained her cold and calculating duty to the mission, 6O had developed a childish sense of curiosity for the desolate and unforgiving world which they were sent to protect. Perhaps it was an anomaly or simply how all Operator Type models were programmed; 2B hardly had time to give the concept any pause for thought. The battlefield was simply no place for such thinking. She had learned the hard way not to grow close to other androids and hoped that such lessons would eventually find their way into 6O’s long term memory storage instead of fleeting through her random-access channels after every failed confession.

It wasn’t that she was a defective Operator-Type unit. In fact, 6O had only ever been helpful to 2B. But what had she ever done for her in return? The combat android folded her arms as she looked out over the war-torn landscape. Her short, silver hair fluttered in the evening breeze as she contemplated her next move. At the rate at which 6O kept getting distracted, there were bound to be consequences.

“All combat B model androids require the assistance of a functioning Operator-Type unit. Fulfilling 6O’s desires may prevent any further distraction and thereby improve mission efficiency. Temporarily suspending the search for scanner unit 9S in favor of improving the effectivity of our team work will therefore benefit YoRHA as a whole.”

It was logically sound, but it was an argument entirely based on selfishness. And yet, that chirpy, elated voice which resonated with every ‘regularly scheduled contact’ brought an undoubtable sense of peace to 2B every time she heard it. If only she could just stay focused on the mission…



“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Previous conversation logs between Operator 6O and unit 2B have been analysed. Hypothesis: Unit 2B wishes to correct Operator 6O’s distractibility by fulfilling her interest in experiencing feminine softness through skin ship.”

2B twitched. Were it not for her blindfold, she would have been staring daggers at the floating, rectangular pod unit which followed her everywhere. It whirred its small arms back and forth in anticipation of approval of its accurate analysis. She hated when it cut her off like that. It made her feel like it was reading her mind.

“Yes…I suppose that is correct…”

“Proposal: Unit 2B should allow Operator 6O to perform skin ship with her. This will significantly reduce the chance of rejection.”

“Do you really think so? Am I even her type?”

“Analysis of Operator 6O’s data access archive permission has been received. Uploading most recent files to Unit 2B’s visor display.”

A small window opened in the bottom corner of the android’s vision. It was a hazy video at first but as she cleared and enhanced it digitally the picture started to clear. It was a of a truly large woman walking across a narrow street. Her enormous breasts rode high upon her ball of a stomach. Thick hips and a round ass bounced and rolled with each and every step. 2B estimated her weight to be nearly 400 pounds and while she wasn’t anywhere as near flawlessly pretty as the android units had been designed, there was an allure to her that she could not deny.

This video was soon followed by several more, each of girls just as impressively large, at different angles, just going about what 2B assumed to be their former daily activities. Watering the garden, swimming in pools of water, sitting on primitive public transport units…all accustomed to their expansive sizes.

“These girls all look rather big…were human women always so large?”

“The last archived records of human history reveal that prior to the alien invasion and the plague, the Earth’s population had eventually reached a brief golden age where food was in ample supply and everything was in abundance. Machine efficiency had reached a point where early android models performed all menial tasks for humans. This enhanced intake of calories without the need to spend them, resulted in the average human body weight rapidly rising to what you see before you. In short, yes, the vast majority of human girls had once reached such sizes, some even exceeded them.”

“Then, there were once girls even larger than the ones shown here?”

“Confirmed. However, YoRHa Units such as 2B were designed after their more traditional proportions. This was chosen for combat efficiency rather than for pleasurable appearances.”


Imagining how such large women would have lived amidst the ruined city today only emphasised how much the world had changed. Perhaps somewhere as clean and sterile as the Bunker would have been more suited to their needs, particularly with the weightlessness of space to assist them in their mobility. In another time or another life, she would have liked to visit such a world, and maybe do that ‘shopping’ thing which 9S had suggested to her once the war was over.

2B inhaled deeply and let the natural air flow through her system. Now that she had a goal, she had to develop a plan. Simply transferring her consciousness back to a body stored at the Bunker would not be enough as although she technically weighed probably as much as one of those enormous human women in her natural state, it was all from her mechanical density rather than the plush softness which 6O desired. No, she would have to find a way to make herself physically larger, a method by which she could add softness to her form. Human women did it through eating enormous amounts of food, but consuming such organic materials would not likely sit well with her mechanical insides. Beings such as herself only ever drew energy from pure water and sunlight and only ever stored or used exactly as much as they had to in order to preserve efficiency. How did one even make an android fat?”

“Analysis: Unit 2B’s lack of immediate response suggests that she has reached a conundrum about how to further increase the physical space which she occupies.”

“I was just getting to tha—” 2B snapped, a brief flare of temper showing upon her otherwise inexpressive features.

“Proposal: Unit 2B should make her way to desert storage containment at the following coordinates where a suitable solution may be found.”

“Right. We’ll make our way over there immediately. Just one more thing, Pod.”

“What is it?”

“Please don’t do that. It makes me feel uneasy.”



-an [A]petite for operator-
NieR: Automata WG Story CH1
I feel like I'm losing weight 
A thinner body; I would start to hate 
And my thighs, they looks less voluminous 

But as the time comes to a eat 
Love handles start to overflow 
My rumbling stomach is so conspicuous 

Tell me when, are you going to feed me? 
Is this the price I'm paying for my diet mistakes? 

This is my feedership song 
I need you more than ever right now 
Can you weigh me now? 

Part 1 Illustration Completed by Bamboo-ale here in full HD: 

Mature Content

The weight of the wo[R]ld Part  1 by Bamboo-Ale

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"Please! Don’t Feed Me!” – Kemono Friends Weight Gain Story

By Dr-Black-Jack

There was rustling in the bushes.

Kaban had first noticed it as they drew closer to the Japari Park mountain range. Sandstar eruptions, a mysterious crystal-like substance which originated underground only to rain down on the park like cubes of rainbow jelly, were becoming more frequent and always brought with them new changes. Her traveling companion, a strange girl who only called herself ‘Serval’ and dressed in an outfit patterned after the Savannah cat of which she shared her namesake, had gone from a trim and agile one hundred and fifteen pounds to a much softer one hundred and eighty. At first, Kaban had only thought that this was due to her having one japari-bun too many but she had never seemed to find the right time or place to bring it up. Before she had known it, her friend was already spilling out of her black and yellow spotted skirt. Her hips and breasts had filled out significantly but her belly was where most of her new weight seemed to accumulate in spades. It never sagged but protruded out in of her, shaking just a little as she purposefully strode ahead, confident that they would make their way to the ever-elusive library where they would finally learn what species of ‘Friend’ Kaban was. Whenever they sat down to rest, it formed into an undeniable roll of soft, plush fat.

“Myah~! This is soooo much fun! Are you having fun, Kaban-chan?!”

“Ah…mhmmhmm…” Kaban agreed as she huffed her way up the slope. “Say, Serval-san, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask-”

“Waaah! What could that be over there! Hurry up, Kaban-chan! It might be a new friend for us to play with!”

The new weight certainly did not seem to slow the cat girl down one bit as she bounded forward towards unseen adventure. Having born witness to her friend’s growth for the entire duration of their trip, Kaban had started to notice she had mixed feelings about Serval’s body. If it were her in that position, she probably would have wanted to find any way to become thin again she would have said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat, but deep down she was enjoying the way her belly quivered and trembled with every step. She marvelled at how Serval’s love handles strained at the sides of her ever clean, white shirt and how they jiggled whenever she clambered up a tree to sleep for the evening. The way her chest heaved and fell with every breath was just as equally tantalizing.

When night fell across the plains, stomachs began to rumble. Food never seemed to be a problem as a steady supply of Japari-buns were readily available thanks to their local guide who dwelt within the depths of Kaban’s backpack. “Lucky-san” or “Boss” were just titles to the little robot who happily provided the two with endless nourishment on the condition that Serval not attempt to consume any humans. Kaban had never seen another human. Serval and the other park denizens only fondly referred to as ‘Friends’ were all that she had ever met during her travels.

“Myah~! Myah~! This is fun isn’t it Kaban-san! I bet I can eat more Japari buns than you can! I may be good at climbing and running but I’m also friend who is very good at eating Japari-buns!”

The cat girl was hardly exaggerating. There was hardly ever a moment when a fine dusting of the sweet Japari-bun flour wasn’t speckled upon Serval’s lips and cheeks. No one knew where they came from or how they were made but no one ever went hungry in Japari Park unless they had chosen to. Kaban had somehow managed to do just that as she had skipped lunch that day amidst all the laughing and yelling of the latest adventure and could feel her stomach growling with hunger. Watching Serval softening over the days to weeks had made her more self-conscious of her own burgeoning belly rolls. She was trying not to make a pig of herself but failed at it as Lucky-san brought her another helping of Japari buns from seemingly out of thin air.

“Kaban must eat. Park guests need nourishment,” the little robot woodenly repeated while proffering the steaming basket to her. “It is management policy.”

The buns were by no means bland. In fact, they came in many different flavours and serving styles. The growl of Kaban’s belly betrayed her sheepish attempts to turn down the steaming treats as her body knew exactly what it wanted without having to consult the menu. Serval hungrily eyed the basket while still holding two of her own in either hand.

“What’s wrong, Kaban-san? Are you sick?”

“Ah! N-no, not at all. I just don’t really think I could eat so much. This one has got to be big enough for at least four people.”

“Correct,” interjected the little robot. “Extra serving sizes were prepared to compensate for your missed meal. Kaban-san does a lot of walking. Therefore, she must eat a lot to replenish herself.”

“But it’s too big!” Kaban protested. “I’ll get a stomach ache if I eat that much!”

“Huh?! So we learned something new about Kaban-san today! It’s so much fun to know more about your friends! You’re a friend who isn’t very good at eating so that will help us narrow down what sort of friend you are when we get to the library! How fun! How fun!”

The cat girl always found things that were new or interesting to be ‘fun’ and had no problem loudly declaring her interest. She also liked highlighting what others were good at. It was one of the things Kaban liked the most about traveling with Serval. Sure she wasn’t the brightest friend, but she was so positive and full of energy, she really made you feel like you could do anything as long as you were together.

“How about we half it? That way we can both enjoy it?”

“Enjoy?! Yes! Enjoy! Enjoying eating with Kaban-san! How fun! How fun!”

Serval was quick to seize the oversized bun from its container and greedily began to stuff herself. She alternated between her latest meal and the other two she was already holding, taking bite after bite at a feverish pace. Kaban knew that the Friends all had animalistic traits to them even if they looked like regular women but this was never more apparent than when she was watching one eating.

There was something extra special about watching Serval eat. Her short, blonde hair framed her perfectly stuffed cheeks and deep hazel eyes. Sweet flour coated her salmon pink lips as crumbs tumbled down her bow-tie and onto the snowy white plains of her blouse. Her breasts had grown quite big on further inspection, so much so that Kaban could now see that she was completely braless with thick pink nipples grazing the outer surface. Kaban swallowed in time with Serval, her eyes tracing their way down her body to get a better look at where all this food was going to end up.

“Lucky-san, Serval-san, I’m going to go use the bathroom, okay?”

“Sure! I’ll save you some when you get back!”

“Take care to only use park facilities and be aware of a new sandstar eruption close to our location.” replied the little robot. “Your closest bathroom is three hundred meters on your right.”

Kaban nodded blankly in affirmation, but her attention was entirely on Serval’s figure. She watched the cat girl’s belly rise a full foot up in front of her lap as she continued to stuff herself, constrained only by the tightening restraints of her black and yellow spotted skirt. Her striped tail wagged happily back and forth, sending slight shivers across her thick hips and butt. It was here that Kaban noticed her friend’s ass had grown so large that it seemed to be propping her up, suspending her in mid-air on a cloud of soft fat. As she walked behind her, she was mesmerized by the width of her hips, simply staring in amazement. She continued to walk backwards, still wide eyed and staring that she didn’t notice the rock jutting out behind her which sent her tumbling into a nearby bush.

“I’m okaaaaayyy.” Kaban hollered amidst the sounds of breaking twigs.

 Cool water splashed its way onto Kaban’s face. What was wrong with her. She stared into the reflection of the watering hole and sighed deeply. She liked Serval as a friend but at that very moment she felt nothing but an intense urge to march right back up to her and squeeze every inch of that chubby body. She could not wait until they fell asleep together, allowing her free reign to grab and hold onto those developing folds of fat which were quickly congealing into a certified blubbery gut. Some friends were meant to be big to survive in their environment but watching the cat girl change was something new and exciting.

She decided to do something daring. After peeking over her shoulders to ensure the coast was clear, Kaban gave her own breasts a stimulating squeeze. This did not prove enough so she lifted her shirt out of her cargo shorts and allowed her own little belly its freedom. The cool evening air felt good against her bare skin as the sun began to dip below the horizon. She walked right past Serval, her belly mere inches away from the cat girl’s face. Kaban watched her stop eating for a few fleeting moments to examine that little roll of flab which hung over her cargo pants as she bent over to sit. They smiled at each other as they made eye contact.

“Here you go, Kaban-chan! I kind of ate all of the one the boss prepared for you so I had him make another one and ate half of that one too. And then I kind of ate that one as well so I had the boss make another. I hope you don’t mind!”

Serval’s beaming smile pierced the amber hue of the twilight. How could she possibly mind sharing a meal with someone as cute as that? They laughed a little at each other and at the mountain of empty baskets which once housed so many Japari-buns. Kaban subtly shifted towards her friend as they shared a spot on the open grassland. It wasn’t long before they both had another basket of food in front of each other. They began to eat.

Kaban matched the cat bite for bite and as they went on, she began to get full. Rather than feeling sick however, she began to feel more and more excited. She squeezed her thighs together tightly between her shorts and could feel a dampness seeping its way around her crotch. She was starting to get very wet and it drove her to keep eating.

“Kaban-san and Serval-chan have exceeded recommended daily intake. This unit is required to remind park guests to exercise healthy eating habits. Kaban-san may feel free to ignore this warning if she should choose but will be reminded at regular intervals. Serval-san’s exercise routine is being adjusted to compensate for her intake.”

The girls could not ignore what they did not hear as their attention was solely fixed upon the steaming buns steadily being handed to the girls. Serval’s cheeks bulged with food and Kaban only wanted to watch her eat. Serval’s pace never slowed and neither did hers. It was only after maybe the fifth oversized bun that Kaban started to find herself having difficulty breathing.

The belt around Kaban’s waist had disappeared deep within the growing roll of fat which was developing around her waist at an alarming pace. She ignored her discomfort and ate. Serval could feel her competitive nature begin to take over as she realized what was going on. Their eyes locked as the cat girl began to eat faster. Kaban began to eat faster. They watched each other eat and eat and eat some more. Kaban had never felt so strange before as the fire in her loins became more than she could stand. Fatness began to accumulate around her inner thighs, pressing closer and closer as the weight of their food began to distribute itself across her body at a subtle pace. It began to rub at her crotch.

Surprisingly, it was Serval who stopped eating first. She just sat there with her mouth slightly open, panting and sweating as she watched Kaban finish her last Japari-bun. The cat girl always thought that everything was a game but this was more like a mating ritual. A primal feline instinct began to well up inside of her, together with the steadily accumulating softness which began to stretch her outfit out from within. She was getting fatter, a fact lost entirely on Serval as all she could imagine was her gloved fingers pushing that last piece of Japari-bun directly past Kaban’s lips. The feeling was mutual it seemed as she could smell Kaban’s wetness trickle through her panties.

“I’m soooo full…I think I’m going to die…”

Kaban’s breasts, arms, legs and belly burned as fatness began to accumulate across her body at a rapid pace. Her t-shirt could no longer hold back her belly back as it slid further upwards, retreating to become a makeshift bastion for her expanding boobs. The fabric felt heavenly against her areola as her nipples began to sink into her new fatness. The trickle between her legs was becoming a stream. She had to touch herself.

“Um…I-I need to go to the bathroom again…I’ll be right back!”


It was a surprisingly underwhelming response from the normally always energetic Serval, but even the self-proclaimed ‘friend who is good at eating’ had her limits. The cat girl watched with her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth as Kaban heaved her now enormous body off the ground with some difficulty and waddled off in the direction of the bathroom.

Kaban could not tear her pants off fast enough. She hopped inside one of the stalls and simply slid a finger against the top most button of her shorts. There was no way she would ever be able to suck anything in enough to undo it the right way, so she simply forced her bloated belly outwards as much as it could go. The button popped and at the same time her zipper raced down the front. Her fat belly leapt out of its restraints and wobbled heavily over her crotch.

“I’m so big…and I jiggle so much…I’m like a cerulean…”

The vast jello monsters which were the scourge of the park could grow to tremendous sizes but always maintained a round and plush softness which betrayed their dangerous reputation. Unlike those terrible monsters, her belly was safe and was at her disposal to play with.

Kaban marvelled at her new size, which only seemed to increase by the second, Her arms swelled with new fatness which draped all the way around her elbows. Her thighs formed rolls over her socks which were beginning to tear at the seams. Unlike Serval’s outfit which seemed to grow alongside her, Kaban could feel the pinch of her clothing upon her new rolls.

Her panties were drenched. Her loins burned. She easily shifted the soaking fabric aside. It took a bit more effort to find herself as a bulge of fat swelled above. She was just about to reach her tipping point when she heard the bathroom door open.

Survival instincts took over. In the heat of the moment she let out a little gasp. Kaban’s heart was pounding in her throat at the same time as her soaked crotch pulsated around her plump fingers. They stretched her a little as she continued to fatten up still, easily pushing past three hundred and fifty pounds. She listened intently for any hint this new predator would make. Sweat dripped down her face, beneath the brim of her hat. Conflicted by her instincts, she struggled to pull her pants back up but could hardly get the zipper up over her plump crotch. She wasn’t even close. She stretched and craned her neck as far as it would go, causing her blubbery belly and breasts to bounce and jiggle from the wasted effort. The steps drew closer.

“P-please! D-don’t eat me!”

Kaban’s deafening scream echoed through the bathroom and into the empty night. She winced and lifted her pudgy arms to her face as she tried to make herself as small as she possibly could. This was no mean feat for a four hundred pound female in clothes everal sizes too small. A pair of familiar cat-paw boots appeared beneath her door.

“I’m not going to eat you!” Serval declared loudly. This seemed to be a common game which the two of them would play from time to time. “Are you alright, Kaban-san?”

Kaban relaxed a little as she allowed her pudgy feet to touch the floor once more.

“Y-yeah…I’m fine…”

The steps drew even closer. She could see the outline of Serval’s enormous form cast its colossal shadow from underneath the doorway.

“Myah~! Are you sure you don’t need some help? It sounds like you’re having fun in there without me!”

Kaban’s face flushed. She opened the door slowly, allowing it to creak until she could see all of Serval’s enormous body. The cat was immense, at least a few hundred pounds larger than her. Her belly and hips alone easily spanned the entire width of the stall and her breasts hung over her gut like two enormous sacks of flour. The extra Japari-buns had done their work in spades as she was easily the largest friend Kaban had ever laid eyes upon.

The two girls stood there taking each other in for a moment before Kaban motioned towards her broken zipper.

“I-I can’t get my pants back on…”

Serval smiled gleefully, her double chin immediately tripling as she took the invitation to enter the enclosed toilet space. Her rolls squeaked against the sides of the bathroom stall as she waddled forward, ready to help a friend in need.

“That’s okay! I’m also a friend that’s good at helping people like this! Allow me to try!”

The cat girl’s gloved fingers immediately seized the wet patch of Kaban’s cargo shorts with one hand as her pudgy fingers manipulated the zipper with the other. Kaban shivered as the very feel of Serval’s touch filled her with new emotion. Serval smiled wryly as she moved her hand traced the wetness down her friend’s flabby inner thigh. The air was thick with pheromones, floating and awakening something within the two which felt just so right.

“You smell so sweet, Kaban-san! Are you in heat? I think we learned that you’re a friend who is good at mating with herself! Now, let’s have some fun together! It will be tanoshii!”

Serval knelt down and allowed herself a taste. Kaban likewise lifted off serval’s extra-stretchy blouse and was finally free to explore her friend’s quarter ton body. The cat girl’s tongue felt rough but pleasurable as she began to lap up her juices like she were at a stream. Kaban was more than happy to oblige as the trickle became a torrent. Even from a standing height, she could still grab onto Serval’s enormous belly and allowed her fingers to trace her rolls all the way across her back fat. She grabbed onto the cat girl’s ears and pushed her chubby chins even deeper. Juice trickled between the cat-girl's lips.

There was a sandstar eruption on a nearby mountain. To anyone on the outside of the bathroom stall, tiny flecks of multi-coloured cubes could be seen raining down upon the land as though a rainbow had swollen to the point of rupturing. The effect it had on living things was astounding; something made only clearer by the second as the girls continued to fatten up.

Similar explosions were going on in the nearby bushes once the girls had both outgrown the stall, but such matters were not a part of the Lucky Beast maintenance droid program. It was simply designed to locate the nearest human if they did not return after several hours of exploring to further ensure their safety. Upon hearing the distressed moans and playful groans, it played its usual pre-recorded message.

“Serval-san. Do not eat Kaban-chan! Kaban-chan, do not eat Serval-san! Failure to comply will result in an increase in Japari-buns until your behaviour is curbed!”

He needn’t have bothered. A pair of stomachs growled loudly. The bushes rustled. 

Kemono Friends WG Story (one-shot)
Written while over in Japan because I had that song in my head for hours.

Roughly based on :iconjeetdoh:'s masterful Serval chubs. 

Mature Content

Welcome to Chubpari Park! by Jeetdoh

What have I done.
RE Zero: What If - Weight Gain Chapter
"Rem...I love Emilia..."

Based on the confession sequence of Rem from the anime RE: Zero if she had been a little larger and more successful.

Special thanks to :iconkurocaze-s: for his find work with the illustrations

All sounds from the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu OST
RE Zero: owned by 
Tappei Nagatsuki

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If you are on a phone then use this link:…

Individual Comic Pages available here for those who wish to fave and save them:
Commission 45 1 by kurocaze-s
Commission 45 2 by kurocaze-s
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Commission 45 4 by kurocaze-s

Second Opinion - Short Story Coms Open

Journal Entry: Tue May 9, 2017, 8:23 AM

Lately, I've been trying to be a little bit more productive around here. My average story count is roughly 2-3 a year which is something I feel I've been neglecting, largely due to the fact that I work a full time job at the various hospitals in my area. Its how I pay the bills and contributes largely towards the number of commissions I've acquired from some of my favourite artists over the years.

As such, I have a little proposition for all of you.

In order to justify the use of my time beyond the occasional fun story for free, I thought that it would be a fun thing to take up a brief run of commissions again. Story commissions tend not to get as much hype or interest as art commissions however, so to make this more interesting, I would be aiming to launch these options as a combination where you may pay a little extra with your story purchase in order to contribute towards the acquisition of a WG art piece to accompany the written product. This does entirely depend on artist availability and interest of course, but since everyone likes a story with some visuals, it would be one possible option.

Let me know what you think.

Coms have been opened with 1 slot remaining in this new mode. This slot will be retained as a fanfiction topic.

Prices are as follows
$35 USD for around 3-4 pages start up (size 10 verdana font, single spacing)
$15 USD for every additional page after

Additional costs depending on artist selection and availability - negotiable through notes

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