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Sun Dec 4, 2016, 7:21 AM
I AM REBORN!! It will be a pleasure working with you Dr.!
Sat Jul 2, 2016, 9:24 PM
and his name is JOHN CENA!!!!
Fri May 6, 2016, 7:52 AM
Sat Apr 9, 2016, 11:09 AM
don't look behind you
Tue Dec 22, 2015, 7:59 AM
I'm stalking you!!!
Sat Apr 25, 2015, 3:43 AM
what wonders this box brings!
Mon Feb 9, 2015, 2:53 AM
Thu Feb 5, 2015, 1:08 AM
Sat Aug 23, 2014, 5:53 AM
Thu Mar 13, 2014, 10:14 PM

Next up - Ask Lindt (the cat girl) 

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K-ON Milestones 5


“You’ll never believe it but Gitta’s strap shrunk again while I was sleeping!”

Yui thrust her electric guitar before the other girls. They eyed it carefully enough but noticed nothing significantly different about the instrument.

“Look, I’ll show you!”

She slid it over her head only to have the strap jerk to a stop atop the shelf of her breasts. The rest was swallowed into the rolls of her back. The overall effect was like trying to wrap a hardboiled egg with a piece of ribbon which bit into her pristine, white uniform. Breast fat which overflowed even the largest of her bras whose straps had long ago sunk all too uncomfortably into the sagging rolls from behind. It became all too clear that Yui’s upper arms in particular had become amazingly plump and soft and were straining to be contained by the few shirts that still fit her.

“And that’s why I couldn’t practice today either.”

Azusa sighed and placed her own guitar down by the amplifier. In truth, she had started to experience a similar strap crisis but had been far too embarrassed to let the other girls know about it before hand. Yui’s confession put her mind at ease as she waddled towards the clubroom table and sipped the mug of hot chocolate she had left there.

“Well, I guess we’re not getting anything done today…again. Seriously you guys, we need to get some practice done eventually.”

“Oh my, it really can’t be helped,” Mugi added as she nursed her own cup of chocolate. “I think my keyboard keys have also gotten smaller too somehow. I sometimes end up pressing more than one of them when I’m playing sometimes.”

It was plain to see how this cycle of coming together to practice, finding a reason not to practice and then settling down to an afternoon of gluttonous excess had led to the billows of pillowy flesh which burgeoned continuously across the girls’ doughy bodies.

“Just a little longer…”

At the far end of the table, upon the piano bench, Mio’s flabby rump stretched her skirt as layer upon layer of soft fat shifted from thigh to thigh while she rocked against her seat. The rest of the girls looked on in wonder.

“Hey, she’s doing it again,” Mugi whispered to the collective band members. “I think it’s getting worse.”

Ritsu slammed the table hard, much to everyone’s surprise, and sent a ripple of fat up her chubby arms.

“It’s been like this for an entire month already. She won’t eat any of the snacks we give her and even if she does come to the club it’s like she turns into a robot right after lunch time. All she does is stare at the clock and wait. It’s like she doesn’t even know we’re here.”

It was getting harder and harder to watch. Their collective efforts to try and bring her food were met with only varied degrees of success but they knew that something had to change if they were to have their band back together. Yui stood and approached their friend with a plate full of cookies and a cup of tea in hand.

“Hey Mio-chan, I know you’re probably really exhausted after your run, but you’ve got to eat something after that much exercise or you’ll pass out from low blood sugar or something.”

The bassist sat steadfast, eyes still fixed on the clock as it slowly ticked by the seconds. Bits of cookie crumbled against the side of her cheek as Yui attempted to gently push one past her lips to no avail.

“Almost there…”

“Well you know what, I’ve had enough!” Ritsu bellowed as she arched across the table. A solid couple of inches of belly oozed out of her skirt as the edge of the table forced it to slide lower down her gelatinous thighs. “I know we said we’d let her do her diet thing but this has gone too far. I miss my friend and I’m going to do something about it!”

Ritsu marched over to the dazed Mio and crouched down next to her. The softness of her breasts sagged over Mio’s chubby knees as she looked her friend hard in the eyes.

“Wait Ric-chan!” Yui cried. “If you try to grab her again, she’ll just slap you on reflex!”

“Not to worry, I’ve got a fool proof plan just for that!”

This just had to work. It had taken them some time to find it ever since their teacher had hidden it away again out of embarrassment, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“Hey, Mio! What do you think of this?!”

From behind her back, Ritsu produced a large album cover bearing the frightful semblance of their home room teacher during her younger years as a rock artist. While only mildly disturbing to the rest of the girls, who could never see a woman in her mid-thirties donning white face paint and a brightly coloured wig letting her tongue out as she screamed death metal lyrics, the visage was more than enough to turn Mio’s blood cold. The colour drained from her face as Ritsu had predicted as she opened her mouth wide in preparation to let out a scream that would undoubtedly echo throughout the school if allowed.

Ritsu saw her chance.


It had only taken a second but that was all she had needed. After much training with various snacks in her spare time, Ritsu had expertly flicked a small corner of brownie directly into Mio’s waiting mouth. The sugary mix of flour and chocolate immediately melted on her tongue as she involuntarily swallowed out of craving and reflex. The colour returned to her face as the light came back into her eyes. The light was quickly accompanied by the welling of tears.

“W-why…” Mio whispered. “Why would you do that…”

“Oh come on, Mio,” Ritsu smirked as she nudged an elbow into her best friend’s pudge. “I wanted you to just have a little taste. It’s pretty good, right?”

With a speed that betrayed her size and strength hidden by doughy softness, Mio sharply rose and seized Ritsu by the collar.

“How dare you…You ruined everything! Always trying to tempt me and sabotage my diet! Can’t you see that I don’t want to be another fat-ass like the rest of you?!”

She hadn’t been thinking. No sooner were the words out of her mouth than she had felt the once fun and vibrant atmosphere of the room grow icy cold. An awkward silence settled for a few moments; almost an eternity for Mio as she thought the words through over and over again.

“You don’t want to be…like us?” Yui started, her eyes pleading as her hands began to squeeze her own belly folds. Soft things made her feel more comfortable. “You don’t want us to be friends anymore because we like to eat?”

There was something about the purity behind Yui’s words which could disarm even the harshest of critics. Occasional squabbles amongst friends weren’t uncommon but there was something about the way she could see into your soul that ensured that no one could stay mad at her for long. It was a kind of glue which kept them all together.

“I-I didn’t mean that,” Mio began, taken aback. “I just meant I didn’t want to be…didn’t want to be so big anymore…”

“But does it really matter?” Ritsu interrupted.

Mio grabbed a handful of belly through her shirt for emphasis. It shook and quivered with inches of excess flab in a way which transmitted throughout the rest of her padded form without remorse. Reservoirs of added bulges she had not previously acknowledged only put more strain on her skirt and blazer as she waddled about the room before each of the other girls.

“O-of course it does! Look at me! Look at how disgustingly fat I’ve gotten!”

“I think Mio-chan looks very cute!”

Another hand shot out to grab onto a handful of belly, much to her surprise. Yui pressed and moulded her blubber between her fingers as she pushed deep into her love handles.

“And you’re so soft too! Your belly’s all squishy just like mine! I love how this feels!”

Yui compared the two bellies as they hung out over their skirts. A softness of even the most feather-stuffed pillows could not compare as she manipulated the rolls and folds between her delicate fingertips. So startled by the intimacy, nearly a half a minute went by before Mio could find her words.

“Wait-what are you-”

Mugi was the next to join in as she grabbed and shook Mio’s belly. Female skinship was something she had always wanted to engage in and this was her big chance. She marvelled at its softness and allowed herself the opportunity to explore her feminine curves.

“Wow, she’s right. Mio’s body is super soft. It feels amazing.”

“Hey guys! C-Cut it out! Q-Quit it!”

In spite of her protests and desire to escape their grasp, Mio felt her strength drain away. Her body betrayed her will as she pursed her lips tighter. More tears began to well up at the corner of her eyes once more, but this time for a completely different reason.

“Oh-ho…guess you never told them how ticklish you are!” Ritsu smirked as she flexed her pudgy fingers in preparation. “However, only I know your true weak spots! Come on, Azusa, you too!”


The girls lunged for Mio’s softness and grabbed hold of whatever they could. New rolls formed where fingers came together, only to swallow them up right down to the knuckle. Mio could no longer contain herself as she burst out with explosive laughter as the girl's’ fingers danced upon her belly flab, going so far as to draw her milky white softness from underneath her uniform. Great peals of laughter echoed from the enormous girl as for the first time in a month she had felt the tension leave her body.

“P-please! S-stop! I-I can’t…I-I can’t-”

Mio’s plush thighs and calves began to buckle beneath her as the last of her strength was ebbed away through laughter. The collective girls, weighing in at nearly a ton combined, soon found themselves falling forward as they collapsed into each other’s’ bulk. Breasts rolled against breasts and belly fell atop belly, almost appearing to fuse together into a giggling pile of girly blubber. Seams which had sought for even the slightest excuse to burst, as well as a few ambitious buttons, took their moment to rocket off behind a propellant of concentrated female obesity.

When all was said and done, and much breath had been regained, each of the band members retreated to their own corners of the club room in respect of a wordless truce; casualties of an hour long tickle fight.

“Mio,” Ritsu began, still wiping tears from her eyes. “It doesn’t matter if we’re fat or thin. We got this way because we love to eat and share each other’s company. We’ve got our whole lives ahead of us to worry about weight and size but only a few precious years to slack off and eat cake after school together. Our band’s name is ‘After-School Tea Time’ after all.”

Mio gulped as she stopped for a moment from gathering the loose buttons around her.

“You guys…”

“Fun things are fun, Mio-chan!” Yui concurred as she smiled warmly at her friends. “It’s just not the same eating snacks together if we’re not all having fun. If you really want us to help you diet later, we can help you do it. But if you ever change your mind, we can help you do the reverse as well!”

Mio sighed deeply as she contemplated the scene before her. Sure, they were all well overweight but each one of them was smiling in a way that she seemed to have forgotten in pursuit of her perfect figure. And what was it all for? It didn’t matter as long as they were all together and enjoying themselves day by day. She put the buttons she had gathered into her pocket and instead reached out for the brownie Ritsu had fed her which glistened on the plate beside her. She took an extra-large bite and allowed the flavour to dance upon her tongue as she savoured the moment.

“If I let you do that; I’ll become the fattest girl in school in no time.” Mio joked as she smiled back at her friends. Ritsu wrapped a chubby arm as far as she could across her friend’s broad shoulders.

“Hey now, you’ll have to beat the rest of us to get there first!"


K-ON Milestones
By :iconanimefa:

Completed by :icondr-black-jack:

Edits by :iconthepervertwithin:

Art by :iconshindirafeh:

Plus Size Animation Karte 001
In response to those who wanted to see what it would be like to date the med girls, particularly those who asked in Takumi's questions.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Art by Kurokaze-s
Story/Programming by Dr-Black-Jack

Sounds from
- Metal Gear Solid - Exclamation!
- Joji - Medicine
- Undertale - "Dating Start! - Jazz Remix"
Love Hina: Ronin 15 - After - 3
"...and that's pretty much the end the story."

Naru sighed deeply, her entire frame wobbling as air flowed from her lungs. Explaining her decision to regain the weight wasn't a lengthy story but the sheer bulk of her enormous body often left her out of breath from something as simple as getting up or sitting down. An extra roll to grab here or watching her lover get puffed and flustered from minimal effort something which Mutsumi admitted that found rather attractive. That girl was always weird, but she certainly did take care of her.

"So, I take it that things between you and Keitaro are working out just as well?"

Motoko only nodded. Every day went by like a dream which she hoped to never wake up from. Ever since he had returned, they had spent everyday growing closer and closer, both metaphorically and literally as the ex-swordswoman's girth only continued to creep further and further along.

Passing 500 pounds again had put her at the point of no return, something which wasn't necessarily bad by any stretch if Naru's life was any example. Strength and independence were things that had attracted Keitaro to her, and she knew she wouldn't lose that if she were to gain 500 more. On her own this time. No cursed swords required.



"I think you'll need to get the truck. I can't get up at this size."

Naru smiled at her sheepishly, her lips stained with the salt and grease of the meal she had been munching on. They had been eating so much together for so long that Motoko had thought the beach would become their new home. All good things did have to come to an end however, no matter how delicious they might be.

At least, that's what she thought. Her belly had long sunk into the sand far deeper than she had realized.

"That's rather amusing," Motoko chuckled as she helplessly flailed about in the sand. "This is a first for me but I don't think I can either."

Naru smiled back and handed her a soda she had been using to cool her enormous breasts.

"It's the last one, so save some for me okay? I hope Keitaro isn't too far away. It's almost lunch time." 

"I guess sharing really is for the best," Motoko winked. "...for a lot of things..."

And so the girls would pass the can back and forth between them, indirect kisses which only served to quench their thirst for but a moment before it resurfaced. Hunger would come with it, bringing about an endless cycle of eating and drinking like there was no tomorrow.

Feasting until the sun has long since gone.

Drinking until size had lost all meaning.

Indirect kisses would become direct ones as they shared a love that could have been theirs long ago if they had only considered it. As they navigating each other's enormous bodies along with Keitaro's with only the positions of the stars to guide them. 

Forgetting and reforging new marital vows and a promise right then and there on the empty beach, eating and growing until all of the lights go out.

Love demanded nothing less.

Part 3 of :iconanimefa:'s final set of commissions, drawn by fellow love hina lover :iconthe-murdellicious:

Next up - Ask Lindt (the cat girl)
20 deviants said Ask Lindt a Question!
OC Questionnaire Series - Paranoia's Old Tape
Third part of a set of character questions.

It might not be wise to ask her any more...unless you can find her....

Based on the recording 'the old tape'… (Try this if it doesn't load)

First Aid (Ookyuu shochi)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 5:29 AM

For those who may not have heard, :iconsatusrou: has hit a rather unfortunate string of bad luck which has rendered him in desperate need of a new computer. Through the efforts of the community, we just might be able to get him back on his feet.

Asking for help (long journal)I've always said it and I guess the universe had to test me in a way lol. I'd have to be in a really bad spot in order to accept/ask for donations.
I can see a lot of people running away now. That is fine. I'd like to make clear that I am not trying to force anyone, I am not blackmailing anyone, I am just going to explain a situation. If you feel generous and want to help, that's awesome! If you don't feel like helping or if you can't, that's great too! It's your money (or lack of, if that's the case).
As some of you know, this has been a tough year for me. It's had good things in the sense of me starting to fulfill my lifetime dream but really bad in the economy sector. Specially after this summer. Some of my friends know this already but I guess I'll have to explain a bit here if I am going to ask for help.
If you're not interested in sad childhood/family stories, skip until you see text with bold letters below.
Do you know how there are people who make great parents? My father isn't

The goal is almost within reach, just a little bit more. Please consider this fine gentleman's work and dig deep.


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Kuroo Hazama
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Follow the exploits of this doctor and nurse surgical team as they lead you through the world of medically themed WG literature, WG fanfiction and other stories where girls go plump and juicy. Always open to interacting with other people's OCs under the right circumstances. Feel free to drop a note if you wish to make an appointment

Current Residence: On a cape overlooking the sea
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Favourite cartoon character: Dr Black Jack, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Belldandy, Sakuya Izayoi, Motoko Aoyama
Personal Quote: It's so easy to take a human life, but do you know just how hard it is to save one?

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