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I AM REBORN!! It will be a pleasure working with you Dr.!
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and his name is JOHN CENA!!!!
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don't look behind you
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I'm stalking you!!!
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what wonders this box brings!
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50 deviants said OC work (Med girls/Curiosity's Curves)
43 deviants said Spice and Wolf
42 deviants said Nier Automata
21 deviants said Shimoneta
21 deviants said Extend an existing story
16 deviants said Something New
7 deviants said Paranoia Project
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the weight of the wo[R]ld

By: Dr-Black-Jack

“You are going to have to make a choice.”

As far as 2B was concerned, losing her mobility was not an option. That meant that something else would have to go.

“How about…detection of fishing areas and sound waves?”

“Data chips extracted. Error: Insufficient space for taste synthesis chip. Please make a further selection.”

Losing her intellect circuits would render this entire exercise pointless so that wasn’t any good and removing her operating system program would mean the end of her existence. The android’s virtual fingers drummed thoughtfully along the control panel within her visor as her pod set about making the changes to her physical form.

“Hacking software isn’t useful for model B combat units…I can also probably do without the damage buffer as long as I still have my enhanced evasion range…Can we try that pre-set combination to maximize space while maintaining combat efficiency?”

“Confirmed. Load-out A selected. Error: Insufficient space.”

“Seriously?! Even after defragging all drive sectors?”

“Unit 2B must remove one more piece of non-essential hardware to free up sufficient expansions lots. Pods cannot interfere with slot selection. You are going to have to make a choice.”

2B took hard look at her life in the form of a neatly arranged row of circuits. Her black box was her heart and soul, everything that made her who she was. The choices she made could mean the difference between victory and defeat and always hung in the back of her mind.

Normal human girls could never chop and change their personality so easily. Erasing or enhancing memories and abilities by manipulating them by hand took the sort of patience and effort only androids could afford. Operator 6O had once mentioned to her that some humans did however, once take an exceedingly long time to decide what they were going to wear before embarking on important courtship activities…what was that word again…a date?

The android sat at the edge of her sterile, white recharging bay within the bunker, the room designated as ‘hers’. It was a small space, overlooking the Earth from on high as the YoRHa station twirled through the endless darkness of the galaxy. Outside of the sparse furnishings, it contained everything she owned and served as a private space for her to collect her thoughts. Whenever a mission ended poorly, this is also where she would wake up again and be told by 6O exactly what had happened. Sometimes she remembered. Sometimes it all just seemed like a dream.

“This one here…I think I can do without it for a while…”

“Confirmed. Installing Taste Synthesis Function…Now Loading…”

2B watched as a thin, black card emerged from the little cube only to be immediately replaced by another. It didn’t hurt at all, in fact, she never felt anything during a data overhaul. It was this change which always scared her the most as she realized that she could easily transition from one person into another just with a slight arrangement of a few strings of code. She wondered how much of her had to be replaced before she was no longer an original Unit 2B. 

“Taste Synthesis successfully installed. Commencing diagnostics. Would Unit 2B please try substance ‘Twinkie’ to confirm?”

The floating pod hovered over to the desk overlooking her room’s single window and retrieved the one of the many bleached white boxes they had found in the desert. It proffered another neatly wrapped treat up for the android’s inspection.

“Well, here goes nothing…”

She took one of the ancient snack foods from its wrapper. Part of her felt she was defiling history by devouring one of these relics but analysis and preservation of the human way of life also demanded a sacrifice in the name of research. Under the cold light of her sterile room, its greasy sheen glistened between her gloved fingertips. She bit in and chewed. Crumbs tumbled to the floor.

“Amazing!” 2B exclaimed, eyes widening at the taste. “This is actually really good.”

She frantically chewed and swallowed the spongy cake, biting off one piece followed by another. 2B tipped the empty packet back into her open mouth to catch the flakes of uneaten white frosting upon her tongue.

“I’ve never experienced such a complex sensation before…yet contained within something so simple…Humankind was truly a marvellous species.”

To this point, 2B’s entire experience of humanity had only bear witness to the atrocities of their wars and the crumbling remains of their mighty empires. Though she would never tell anyone out of fear of being labelled a heretic, part of her was glad that nature was reclaiming the world from her creators. The beauty and majesty of a flock of doves fluttering across the blue skies of that war-torn planet had always been a wonder for her to behold.

That respite for the soul now had a new rival. The chance to taste something so wonderful which had been created by human hands had given her a whole new outlook on their existence. It also gave her another empty packet in her hand as her visor locked on to a second piece.

“Further analysis is required. Retrieving a second sample for study.”

Another bite and another burst of sensation. 2B had never felt so alive. She had read somewhere that hunger was once described as the ‘best spice’ but up until this point, the concept had eluded her. Every time she chewed and swallowed, there was a little burst of what could only be described as an ‘enjoyable sensation’ coursing through her circuitry which compelled her to seek it out further. Soon, there was yet another empty packet clutched tightly in her other hand as her Pod continued to offer her the box.

More of this foreign substance had entered her body. There was twice as much of it this time. The unconscious internal engineer within her scratched its random-access memory and took to its internal drawing board. The substance didn’t seem dangerous, but it wasn’t immediately helpful either. It evaluated the greasy concoction now flowing freely through 2B’s internal fluids, trying to find any way to make it useful or enhance any of her other systems. While doing this, it would have to put it somewhere for the mean time until a suitable use would be found. Her body decided to store it.


“Yes, please.”

2B was astounded by how quickly she had complied with the offer. It usually took her a split second to process a decision but amidst the rushing sensations which her virgin body was being bombarded with, it seemed almost instinctive. Perhaps this ‘Twinkie’ substance was improving her logic core functionality.

Every bite brought with it more synthetic gel to her body’s outer padding. It was only a few grams here and there, but even her rump area had finite space. Her body decided to distribute its load. Everything was perfectly converted without a single carbon molecule wasted. Her frilly panties inched a few more millimetres into depth of her rear as she polished off the remainder of the box.



Pulling apart another box with gusto, 2B tore through the next few packets with less ceremony as she continued to bombard her senses. She began to eat with gusto, taking mouthful after mouthful of powdered sugar and crumbling cake. Greasy, caramelized sugar oozed between her plump lips and left the sides of her lips covered in a reflective sheen.


Her internal engineer worked feverishly to convert all this new material. New code was being written at a fever pitch as protocols were devised to determine new holding areas and make room for any potential expansion. Since it all initially landed at her abdominal clearance port, it would only be sensible for any holding to start there before it could be redistributed more evenly. It tested this new set of instructions and nodded with silent approval as a Twinkie-sized layer of gel began to form beneath 2B’s belly region, stretching her skin and the underside of her dress.

A jolt of electricity and heat surged through the android’s body as she polished off the second box and immediately began to work on her third. Was this the desire of ‘craving’ which she had heard so much about, something beyond her lust for battle which triggered her reward circuits in such a way that had formed a positive feedback loop?

The light of the stars outside her window began to dim. The details around her room which she has previously always been aware of also began to grow fuzzier. Soon, 2B seemed only to acknowledge of her food, the growing tautness around her belly region and the floating pod unit in front of her that only wished to offer her more.


The instant the food was past her lips, the android was barrelled through another wave of pleasure. Of course, this was certainly the most efficient way to improve her intake. As 2B chewed and swallowed, she was rewarded by more pleasurable sensations as calorie laden bite rode her new taste circuitry with all the force of an electric storm. At the height of each sensation, however came the inevitable fall as everything came to a halt once more. The sight of another empty packet began to fill her with a twinge of emptiness which ran a stark contrast to her rapidly swelling midriff.

”It’s so good…”

Whether it was simply a part of the diagnostic process or simply sensing 2B’s fluctuating emotions, the Pod unit tore open a fourth box and slid an unopened packet into the waiting fingers of the android’s other hand. Her free hand shuddered for a moment. Slightly unsure of what this new signal could have possibly meant, the Pod took 2B’s free hand and gently guided it towards her mouth where she did her best to rapidly chew what she had already bitten to make room for twice as much cake.

Each bite was rewarded with twice as much sensation, including a third one which she had yet to find a name for. “Fullness” was the term her internal engineer had decided upon as it crammed the last box worth of cakes into her abdominal holding area which now visibly bulged beneath her black, pinstripe dress. 2B was now at a conundrum as to how she would manage the mixed feelings of a desire to eat and the uncomfortable tightness registered by her artificial skin as her dress stretched to its limits to contain the roundness of a burgeoning belly.

The android was surprised by which the two powerful sensations were met with equal opposition. Her body’s pain receptors were very clear in signifying her fullness while her taste circuits demanded that she continue. Just a little more, couldn’t possibly hurt her as she leaned back on her bed to allow her belly more room. She looked down at herself as she polished off the fourth box only to be met by the rolling hill covered in a pinstripe pattern where once flatness had reigned supreme. The white lines curved and arched around her new belly bulge which was being rapidly converted to a soft and pliable synthetic gel. 2B cast her mind back to the bellies she had seen in the archived videos of obese human women and concluded that while hers was nowhere near as impressive in size or shape, eating so much food and brought about such a significant structural change.

There was still one box left.

2B’s mouth involuntarily hung half-open as she drew long, ragged breaths. The conversion process seemed to require a lot of oxygen and produced a lot of carbon dioxide. She was stuffed so full but could not bring herself to abandon a mission so close to its completion. Little did she realize that another new sensation of addiction was setting in, compelling the blank slate of her copied elements of humanity to drive itself further towards that desire to feed. 2B’s belly groaned in silent protest as she began to dig into the new box and expose more of the crumbling cakes to her still-hungry maw.

Her pod seized her hand before she could take yet another delicious bite.

“Diagnostics complete. Recommendation: please take a short break to answer. What is Unit 2B’s evaluation?”


It was the only word which 2B could immediately parse as she lay the cake down suckled the remaining hints of Twinkie from her gloved fingers.

The painful fullness inside her was rapidly resolving itself as her rounded belly began to diminish. Minutes passed before she would move again, allowing her body to coat itself in new gel from within, adding multiple thin layers of softness across her figure as she continued to swell.

She checked her mathematical drivers. Assuming each packet contained so many calories and there were so many packets within a box, 2B concluded that she would have to continue this practice many more times over if she were to get to her projected size. Given that she had never ‘eaten’ before and liked it, she was surely only scraping the bare potential of her capacity, something which she logically concluded would improve over time.

Taste was indeed the catalyst to unlocking her inner desires and drive her towards planned obesity. In a world where so many wonderful foods like this existed, it became clear to her now how a woman could allow herself to become so large. Once she had felt her internal systems had settled enough to allow her to move, her fingers immediately went back for the uneaten Twinkie.

“Pod,” 2B asked between bites, each one causing her softening belly to gradually grow tighter once more.


“How many more boxes...*mmmphmm*...remain in the supermarket facility?”


She had been waiting for this all day.

The bunker may have been the safest place for any YoRHa android, but Operator 6O felt that sometimes she could have easily traded that piece of mind to spend even a moment down among the ruined remains of human civilization. The books she had read, the food she had seen in the archives, the fashion magazines and all the fun activities humans once engaged in, even the photos from the hollowed out remains of that theme park 2B had shown her one time; these were what she craved. They were all long gone but that thirst and desire for knowledge spurred her desire to see and experience more if she could. For a non-combat unit like her, however, there was only one way she could experience it.

Operator 6O could barely count down the minutes as she watched the seconds tick by on her internal display. What might have seemed boring to some was thrilling to her as she craved to see the sun peek over the Earth’s horizon. She preened her short, blonde bangs and adjusted her headband as well as her veil. She stretched and wiggled her body to release some tension, allowing her skin-tight, fish-net attire to settle into her chair at her cubicle’s console. She never knew exactly why she did this, but she felt that presentation was just as important as the message. She stared into her camera, her hidden smile betrayed only by the unmistakable light in her eyes.

And then, the moment came.

“This is Operator 6O to 2B, come in! It’s time for your regularly scheduled- Hey! What’s going on?”

Where she had expected to see her screen erupt into color, she had been greeted only with a worded message. Never had the words ‘sound only’ felt so heart rending.

“This is…*mphmm*…2B. Go…*mmmphmm*…ahead.”

6O leaned forward. At least she could still hear her.

“Uh hey, 2B. I don’t know what’s going on but it seems like I can’t really get a visual on you or your surroundings. Can you see me?”

“Negative…*mmphmm-mmmphm*” 2B replied curtly. “I might have…*mpmmphmm*…damaged my video…*mmphmm*…communication array…”

“Oh that’s terrible!” 6O exclaimed, her wonder immediately turning to concern. “Are you okay? You should return to the Bunker right away so we can fix you right up!”

“No…*mpphmm*…need. I just…*mpphmm*…went back…”

The Operator Unit relaxed a little. If 2B had recently undergone maintenance then it was unlikely to be anything serious. She relaxed her grip on the sides of her desk.

“Well…okay…2B, I think I’m also getting some noise interference on my end. I can hear you but it sounds like you’ve got a mouthful of cotton wool or something. What are you doing?”

“In…*mphmm*…desert on…*mphmm*…reconnaissance…”

“Oh, okay…well, do be careful out there okay?” 6O chided gently. “We’ve had a spike in rogue machine activity and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my favourite girl-talk buddy! Did you hear what I said? It’s a neat term I learned from one of the old human female magazines. What do you think? Should we try and use more informal speech as a sign of building rapport?”

Her elation was only met by that empty sound similar to constant chewing. It was something the operator had never experienced when talking to 2B before.

“Come in, 2B. Are you still there?”

“Gotta…*mmphmm*…go…closing this…*mhpphmm*…channel.”

“Hey wait! I just wanted to-”

The light above her workstation’s camera dimmed as the connection closed. 2B had never hung up on her like that, even after spending hours at a time listening to her ramble about her latest discoveries of human civilization or being her shoulder to cry on whenever she was turned down by another android she liked. Operator 6O sank back into station and listened to the mind-numbing clacking of computer keys rapidly firing from the girls around her as they tended to their charges.

This all seemed very odd to 6O. If 2B had been back at the bunker, she could have at least said ‘hi’ to her in person or brought her back something new to study. The operator cursed the damaged video array as she watched her internal timer reset itself in the bottom corner of her vision to count down their next scheduled contact.

Against her better judgement, 6O found herself starting to pout. She folded up her slender arms against her small breasts as her veiled lips curled into a frown. Her brows furrowed and her blue eyes narrowed as suspicion started to creep in.

If 2B had undergone maintenance, there were sure to be logs she could access…

NieR: Automata WG Story - CH3
After all the hunger fades 
Signs of food all licked away 
I can still, still hear a gentle growl 

No matter how hard I pray 
Signs of hunger still remain 
And fullness has become my enemy 

Tell me when, is dinner going to be ready? 
Is this the price I'm paying for not tipping out those diet shakes? 

This is my redemption song 
I need you to get that food ready right now 
Can you feed me now? 
Story Priority Preference?
50 deviants said OC work (Med girls/Curiosity's Curves)
43 deviants said Spice and Wolf
42 deviants said Nier Automata
21 deviants said Shimoneta
21 deviants said Extend an existing story
16 deviants said Something New
7 deviants said Paranoia Project
2 deviants said Commission Slots

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the weight of the wo[R]ld

By: Dr-Black-Jack

If there was anything which hadn’t changed, according to the human records, it was that sand was the mortal enemy of all things mechanical. To think that such a vast and arid wasteland was once the sprawling heart of a city centre; it was almost sobering to contemplate. 2B acknowledged that she too was a part of human design and maybe she too would end up lost and forgotten in the same way. Considering her own mortality did nothing however, to alleviate the uncomfortable number of grains rapidly accumulating in her high heels.


“What is it, pod?”

“Why go through such effort for the whims of Unit 6O? Given time, there may be other ways to improve mission efficiency. Were unit 9S here, he might declare your actions…’nice’…”

“What are you implying?!” 2B responded, coldly. Her words carried such an edge that even she was surprised with the tone she carried them. “Operator 6O’s mental health has been in steady deterioration since her last failed confession. We are simply doing this to improve her emotional state. She craves human experiences and since it is far too dangerous to bring her down here, I have surmised that I must bring the experience to her.”

“Acknowledged. However, trial scans suggest that if Unit 2B were to attain the physical proportions of the average human female, acrobatic combat efficiency will fall significantly. Has this outcome been considered in its entirety?”

Getting big was one thing, but how she would wear it was another. A video schematic opened in the bottom corner of her vision which displayed an outline of her current frame. 2B watched her simulated figure slowly start to fatten.

Operator 6O had complimented her on her thick thighs and round hips which bulged out from beneath her skirt, so that might be a place to start. Her chest heaving forward would help to counter balance her new size and improve her aerodynamic stability. Of course, some would have to accumulate around her core, forming one of those large, pot bellies which smaller human teenagers grew into before they matured into their obese, mature female forms. The frame of a 200 pound woman should suffice, chubby at best with maybe just a little more cushioning if she wanted to be generous. Of course, she wouldn’t want to get too much bigger than that. Just a thin layer of softness to pad herself out would make for a nice change. She had to admit, it was a little exciting.

After charging up and sliding down the umpteenth sand dune on their trip, 2B closed down the simulation allowed her answer to process.

“It matters little. Should it come down to it, I will transfer my consciousness to another 2B unit of a slimmer build and leave the larger one at the Bunker for 6O to do with as she pleases. Pod,” the android continued quickly before her assistant could follow through with a counter argument or even force her to view more video simulations of what she would look like with an even more enormous body, “Please recheck the coordinates of the containment unit.”

“Data verification complete. Marking location on map.”

“Great, we shall be there soon enough.”

It was in areas like this which she cursed her model design. Where the paleness of her skin reflected the scorching rays of the sun, her all black attire designed in a similar fashion to a Victorian era French maid suffering from a severe material shortage for her skirt length did nothing to improve her body’s cooling function. She must have been suffering an impairment of her logic circuit, yes that would explain why she had taken her pod’s statement out of context and why she had felt even the slightest bit happy about doing something ‘nice’ for her Operator as her pod had stated.


The location was at the very edge of the near endless dunes, thankfully shaded beneath a craggy outcrop. It was an underground bunker hidden deep beneath the dunes, with a simple concrete elevator shaft poking uncharacteristically out of the sand. At its entrance stood a lone machine lifeform.

“*Bzt*…IT is iNaDviSabLe fOr yoU to pASs…T-TuRn baCk noW…You CaN NOT cOntinuE…*bzt*”

It was such a miserable looking creature. Compared to 2B, it looked like a hastily cobbled together science experiment without any real sense of intelligent design. All the machine life forms bore a similar appearance, with a ball for a head devoid of any features except for two blinking eyes, an upside-down bucket for a body connected to two spindly legs only suitable for jumping and a pair of arms which were awkwardly frozen at right angles. Sometimes they flew. Sometimes they armed themselves with swords and spears made from their fallen. These abominations were bound together by rusty scrap and an indiscriminate desire to attack whatever they saw. These were the backbone of the fighting force which the Aliens had asserted their dominance. What they lacked in looks or skill, they made up for in vast numbers and dogged determination.

2B drew her katana. The little robot was one of the simpler models but still it did not move. 

“*Bzt*…HostLlitY WiLL noT reQuired…*Bzt*…THe HorRoR within iS  BeYonD tHe UnDerStanding of mAchinEs and A-A-Androids AliKe…”

She had seen this a few times before. These cold and ‘unfeeling’ machines occasionally started uttering these random phrases which made it feel like they were talking intelligibly. All androids knew that machines did not possess souls and those crackling voices did nothing to sway her from her duty. She raised the edge of her blade behind her and prepared to strike.  

“*Bzt* PleaSe…I will SacRifiCe mySelf for ParTs thAt yOu can-can-can Use…JuSt Do NoT Start…*Bzt*”

The little robot began to shudder violently. Sparks and smoke billowed from the thin line where its ball head rotated upon its invisible neck. There was a small explosion and a shower of fragmented circuitry as 2B watched its head slowly roll towards her feet.


The eyes went cold and silent. 2B sheathed her blade and strode ahead into the waiting service elevator.


Down into the bowels of the earth both android and her pod descended. 2B could feel the warmth of the desert above slowly leave her, only to be replaced by a gust of stale air. Her brow furrowed beneath her blindfold as the seconds continued to tick by.

“Where are we headed?”

“We are descending into a structure formerly known as ‘supermarket’. It was a former food storage facility used by humans. It is very well preserved beneath all this sand in a cool, dry place.

“And what we will find there will make me bigger?”

“Certainty rating at 75 percent. Human females often frequented such place on a near daily basis. If there is anything there which can make Unit 2B larger, there is a high probability that it will be found at this location.”

Now that she thought about it, the service elevator they were in was rather large. At least four or five women of the sizes 2B had seen in the old recordings could have easily stood side by side and still not have touched the opposing walls. Perhaps she had underestimated how much fatter she needed to become to satisfy 6O’s cravings.

The elevator slowed and eventually came to a halt. The doors opened into an enormous, dimly lit warehouse where both wall and ceiling disappeared into a seemingly endless darkness. The remnants of what appeared to be shelves, lined the floor, many tipped over and fallen onto their side. Time had eaten away at the grandeur of this ‘supermarket’, leaving it little more than a moth-eaten shell of its former glory. A beam of light cut through the darkness as the Pod hovered ahead of her and into the vast unknown.

There were a lot of unopened boxes. One of them made its presence known to the side of 2B’s high heel as she navigated the long aisle. Surprisingly, it rattled with an uncharacteristic fullness amidst the many others which had not been so fortunate. She picked it up.

“What are these?” the android asked as she turned it over in her open palm.

“Analysis: Unit 2B is holding a substance referred to as ‘Twinkie’. Records show that humans used to consume these in vast quantities as a sort of ‘junk food’.”

She balanced it and appreciated its weight. With the exception of the outer packaging, which had already been worn away to a blank slate, she was surprised that it hadn’t crumbled to dust with many of humanity’s other achievements. Interesting as that was, it still did not solve her current problem.

“More useless organic matter,” 2B sighed. “I fail to see how this will make my body larger as I cannot possibly ingest-”

“Incorrect. Scans show that substance ‘Twinkie’ is comprised of almost 100% artificial, inorganic material. This is evidenced by its survival this long and a lack of an expiry date. It is therefore likely safe for Android consumption.”

Beneath her blindfold, 2B gave her pod a long, hard look of disbelief. The floating robot merely rotated its arms in anticipation of praise. The android looked back at the ancient relic which once wielded tremendous power over a woman’s waistline, opened the box and extracted a neatly packaged, sponge like substance, still entirely devoid of any signs of decay. Prodding it revealed a creamy white filling, still as clean and clear as the day it was made more than a millennia ago.

“Unbelievable. I cannot see how these would be good for any organic being. It’s any wonder that humans did not wipe themselves out. You are sure this will make my physical structure softer to behold?”

“Affirmative. Unit 2B is recommended to try one.”

The android peeled back the plastic wrapping. She could smell the Twinkie’s oily surface glistening beneath her nose. She raised it to her lips and hesitated for a moment, faintly aware of possibly having done something like this before only to have suffered for it. Her pod merely nodded its approval as she motioned for a tiny nibble, then pushed a little further until it was more than halfway past her cheeks. She bit in, chewed the sugary, greasy mixture and swallowed.

2B waited a few moments as the substance mixed with her body’s synthetic fluids, half expecting them to immediately congeal on contact. She waited for her consciousness to fade and for herself to awaken back onboard the Bunker in a brand-new body. The moments passed as quickly as they came and she found herself staring down into the half-eaten sponge.

“I cannot taste anything.”

“Alert, Combat Units such as 2B are not normally fitted with taste sensors. Proposal: Retrieve sample of substance ‘Twinkie’ and return to Bunker for data chip overhaul.”

“Why? Will consuming this not make me larger on its own?”

“Records show that a taste sensor is vital to progression of Unit 2B’s objective. Taste is one of the key reasons why humans ate food in the first place and played a major role in the progression of female obesity.”

Deep within, her android body unconsciously struggled to make sense of this new material. Sunlight and water was all that it had ever been exposed to and there were no protocols for the movement or management of this foreign substance. It wasn’t good for energy and but it certainly wasn’t harmful to keep around. It circulated around her system several times while her internal processors attempted to identify a suitable course of action.

2B sighed, gulped down the remaining half eaten cake and scooped up a couple of the many full boxes by her feet. This wasn’t the first time she had embarked upon a mission consisting of multiple trips. She made her way back to the elevator with her pod in tow before slamming the button with an irritated fist.

“Store it” was the final decision her body made as it worked to breakdown the half-eaten Twinkie. It might prove useful later. A few bites consisted of only a few grams of added material which could be easily converted to the same synthetic gel which padded her outer frame. There was a small, dimpled area just around her left buttock which could use a bit more padding. Her right buttock was next as the other half made its way through her body’s inner workings. A thin layer of extra fat, only perceivable to the most astute of Sensor Units would have been able to detect those changes.

Both android and pod emerged back into the open sunlight. The fallen machine lifeform was already half buried under sand. Its final words resurfaced into the forefront of 2B’s mind as she contemplated its empty husk alongside the empty Twinkie wrapper she still held in her hand.

“Mankind’s downfall, huh?”

NieR: Automata WG Story CH2
Cause we're going to eat it all 
Holding back in the slightest is meaningless 
Soon i'll be carrying the weight of the world 

I wish that someway, somehow 
That I could be softer for every one of us 
But the truth is that I'm only one girl 

Maybe if I keep eating my dreams will come to life 
Come to life... 

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Resident Evil: Aftermath
By: Dr-Black-Jack

It is a common misconception, but viruses are not living things. At their base components, a virus is little more than a strip of genetic code wrapped up in a protein coat. It does not feel, it does not need, it does not even truly die. When conditions are unfavourable, it simply goes dormant. It bides its time in the darkness between cells, patiently waiting for an opportunity to re-emerge and replicate once more. All it wants to do is spread and it doesn’t even know why.

It doesn’t care about who stands in its way

Ethan’s face looked so panicked. Mia had never seen her husband look that way before.

“You’re going to be fine Mia! Just fine! They’re going to take you somewhere safe. Just hold on for a little bit longer.”

Her head was pounding. Her body felt like it was a million degrees and she was sweating profusely. She groggily stared back at him, her eyes fluttering as her consciousness faded in and out.


A large man in a yellow hazmat suit separated them. Her husband stumbled back as the stretcher she was being wheeled upon disappeared through an open door as the orderly continued to push her through.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step back. This is a biohazard containment zone. Mrs Winters has been exposed to the subject the longest and needs to be quarantined. Authorized personnel only past this point.”

Mia craned her neck backwards as far as she could, but felt the rest of her body had been strapped down tight. They told her she was in pretty bad condition after being extracted from the old Baker Mansion ruins and it was for her own safety. She could only look on in hopeless longing as her husband’s silhouette disappeared behind a crowd of similarly yellow suited men.

“Damn it! Don’t worry, honey! You’ll be home real soon! I promise you!”


Her mind felt like it submerged in a haze. Darkness descended upon her as her body continued to heat up. She felt her sweat seep into the fabric of her tattered clothing and yet she had never felt so cold. Her teeth chattered despite her raging fever. Light fixture after light fixture passed over head as she was lead deeper into the facility, eventually becoming a blur as she faded in and out of consciousness.


The artificial white light was so much brighter here. Mia squinted back the pain as she found herself locked within a large, sterile looking facility. It was like a padded box, with only four walls and no visible doors or windows to the outside world as far as she could see. There were two small walls which served as blinders either side of her head, preventing her from getting a good look around. A single television screen sat mere inches from her face, the only part of her which she could physically move as she felt the rest of her body was still under heavy restraint. The shackles at her wrist and ankles jostled dully as she gave them a lethargic rattle.

“Hello there, are you awake now?”

It was a female sounding voice which had emerged from a control tower overlooking the roofless holding cell.  

“We do apologize for the excessive precautions, but one just cannot be so sure of what a subject is capable of after being exposed to a Biohazard. We do hope that you understand that we simply cannot take any risks, Mrs Winters.”


Mia’s voice sounded choked and gravelly. She coughed and spluttered a couple of times, feeling her chest heave and burn with each laboured action.

“Ah, there’ll be time enough for that later. All you need to know is that we’re here to help you just as you are here to help us learn more about your infection. My name is Moira Burton and I too am a survivor.  My sister Natalia is also with me. Now then, can I get you anything? Food or a drink perhaps?”

The voice didn’t sound menacing. Despite the circumstances, she actually found it reassuring.

“I’m cold…” said Mia, her voice barely a whisper.

“That’s probably because you’re naked. We had to incinerate your old clothing as a part of the sterilization protocol. But hey, it’s just us girl’s here so there’s nothing to hide.”

The television screen in front of her crackled to life as she saw herself suspended in the chamber by her arms and legs. She was being videoed from the opposite end of the room. Her naked form was held almost upright in an ‘X’ shape, with her arms and legs splayed out on a metallic table.

Mia was lean in every meaning of the word, with small breasts and hips to match her almost concave stomach. Her long black hair tumbled down her slender frame, her body still caked in dried dirt and grim from all her time spent running around that hollowed out tanker in the Louisiana swamp with her husband. What she wouldn’t have given for a warm shower or a bath right now. 

“We need to run some tests to make sure you are cleared of infection. The whole process isn’t very cool but I’ve seen some of the things which the Umbrella Corporation is capable of creating and they are downright nasty.”

She watched on the video camera as another device was lowered into the room with her. It looked to be a large, flat camera, like the kind they used to take X-rays at a doctor’s office. She felt it irradiate her midsection before bathing her in a warmth which both stung and numbed her at the same time. She grit her teeth together as she withstood its mechanical clicking.

“Your body is being purged of any remaining traces of infection. It may take a few treatments but we have to make sure your cells are properly irradiated to break down any signs of the virus. The side effects can include a bit of temporary numbness but also some wicked munchies. We’ve all done it so don’t worry, it’s completely safe.”

There was something about Moira’s little off hand comments which made Mia feel a little more at home. She sounded like a teenager trying to sell her some pot behind the college dorms but that only made her comments feel genuine. She watched herself being treated on screen patiently as the scanner made its rounds.

And then something caught her eye.

Mia had always been a girl of around one hundred and ten pounds, her husband always commenting that he was afraid of ‘snapping her like a twig’ if he hugged her too tightly, but she looked just a bit heavier in her reflection on screen. She squinted. Her flat stomach began to look a little softer.

Minutes passed by and without anything else to distract her, she could swear that her stomach was rapidly accumulating layer upon layer of just barely perceivable fatness. After about what she assumed had been fifteen minutes, she looked positively bloated. She squinted at the monitor and was sure she could see at least a couple of small rolls building up along her outer belly.

“W-what is that?” Mia thought to herself as she stared long and hard into the video screen.

The prickly numbness dissipated and the machine soon stopped. Mia turned to the two silhouettes looking over her form from the control tower above.

“That’s enough for today. We need to make sure we cover every square inch of you before we’re done and it’s a real slow process. I am so sorry about all this Mrs Winters but we’ve just gotta be thorough.”

It might have been her imagination, but for a moment, the teenage voice sounded a bit more cold and cynical than it had previously been. The growl of Mia’s empty belly reverberated through the sterile room.

“That’ll be those muchies I told you about,” Moira joked “Now then, I think it’s about time for dinner. We can’t have you wasting away on us.”

A soft, plastic device, resembling a horse’s bit and tackle, emerged from the wall behind Mia. It was gradually pulled and lowered into place, her muffled gasps effectively gagged as her tongue was locked down and her jaw wrenched open. The captive woman’s brow furrowed into an angry glare which she directed up at the control tower.

“Sorry about that, it’s just another precaution. Food tends to be a trigger for viruses. After a few days, we’ll take that off and allow you to join the rest of us at a proper dining table. We just have to get through the quarantine period.”

A buzzer sounded off in the distance and another tube was lowered into place over her mouth. Mia watched in silent disgust as a mixture of grey slop slowly made its way towards her. She almost gagged as it reached her pallet before the gag forced her to swallow. It tasted horrifying, almost as bad as the inhuman slop she was served by the Bakers back when she was still a prisoner in that rotting old mansion. Her hands balled into fists of frustration and her legs kicked against their restraints. Moira’s voice echoed once more through the intercom.

“It’s a mixture of ground up red, green and yellow herbs, suspended in milk, eggs and lard. It tastes nasty but it’ll keep you alive and well fed. I’d offer you real food, but we can’t have you hankering for a taste for human flesh the moment you sink your teeth into a burger. Bottom’s up girl, you’ve got a long way to go.”


“Hello there, are you awake?”

Mia stirred from her groggy, food induced slumber. The feeding cycle seemed to have gone on for days as far as she was concerned and her stomach was painfully full. Within that room, time had lost all meaning. Not a drop was spilt thanks to the feeding tube and even after what seemed like hours from her last meal, her belly still looked quite swollen. The bit in her mouth  thankfully retracted back into the wall as the lights in her cell came back on again.

“Fuck you…” Mia spat back, giving her chains a rebellious jangle.

“Okay, I deserved that. I totally get it,” Moira conceded. “But really, if you’ve seen some of the shit I’ve been through, this is absolutely nothing. Just a few more days Mrs Winters, you have my word.”

Despite how full she was still feeling, Mia writhed about in her bindings as the x-ray like device was lowered again. The prickling numbness fell across her naked skin, the sensation even more so against her taut belly. Gradually, that alien feeling transformed into one of relief her inner fullness began to dissipate. Something else took its place.

It was replaced by a growing sensation. After being fed so much, the device seemed to be far more effective on Mia’s body. She watched in silent horror as her belly’s overstuffed roundness seemed to deflate and the rest of her began to bulk up.

She felt her hips grow wider against the board behind her, spilling over at a rapid pace. The gap between her thighs quickly disappeared and was replaced by the gradual feeling of pressure around her crotch as either leg gradually jiggled closer. Her arms too began to grow heavy as new weight was piled onto them at seemingly a few pounds per second. Mia almost wanted to scream as she felt her belly begin to sag slightly to form a definitive muffin top where once had been flat and well trained abs. Her breasts too grew larger and heavier, the youthful perkiness of her twenties finally giving way to the natural weight of gravity induced by her mid-thirties and where they should actually have been.

The captive girl watched her figure mirrored on screen once more, growing rounder and softer as she slowly but irrefutably fattened up by at least fifty pounds. Years of exercise and trying to look good for her husband were erased in a matter of moments.

“What are you…doing…to my…body…I-I’m getting fatter…”

“This is never the easy part to explain.” Moira replied despondently. “Give a girl a few zombies to fight or some gross mutant plague monster, no problem. Tell her she’s going to have to ruin her figure and suddenly the world is ending.”

Miia stared at the monitor blankly as her belly wobbled out before her.

“We discovered that a unique thing about the viruses is that they tend to congregate among the cells which are the most dominant within the human body. By making you just a “little bit” overweight, we are better able to isolate and remove the virus particles. Call it a side effect of treatment.”

The prickling effect was starting to fade. Mia’s senses were coming back to her. Just as fullness had been replaced by comfort and lethargy replaced by hunger, so too was shock overcome by rage.

“Treatment?! You call this treatment?!” Mia screeched as she rattled her restraints violently.

“Now calm down, I know exactly how you feel,” Moira attempted to soothe. “It’s just that—”

“Calm down? CALM DOWN?! I’m a fucking whale because of you! You could never understand!”

There an ear-piercing screech of a microphone getting too close to a speaker. Mia shuddered as she recoiled behind the blinders. The sound of Moira’s voice was replaced by noisy stomping, the kind made by heavy leather boots descending an iron scaffold. The TV screen before her retracted to reveal the blank wall ahead. A door-shaped opening appeared amidst what she had thought was solid mattress. The noisy stomping was accompanied by the sound of rusty hinges turning as it was violently flung open.

An enormous silhouette barred the entranceway. It belonged to what had to be the fattest teenager Mia had ever set eyes upon. Where she was used to the gazelle-like waifs which often hung around the local strip malls, she hadn’t expected Moira to possess the bulging mound of female obesity set well above four hundred pounds.

Plump feet were squeezed into a pair of army boots, the rolls of her ankles overflowing the opening. Inches of thigh fat seeped out of the splits and tears of stockings, several times too small for her current size. Her micro-mini skirt was barely visible between the rolls of her thighs and the sheer enormity of her ass. She wore an almost comically tiny leather jacket which barely served to cover her enormous breasts and belly that shook and sagged out in front of her. Her arms were a mass of rolls, gently framing where her collarbones used to be. A thick, double chin hung over the remains of her neck to join her face in rounded plumpness. 

Her body seemed to be a parody of sorts of the typical gothic teen except for her short black hair, cropped into the style befitting a tomboy and her layers of dark eye shadow. Those eyes were angry.

“Don’t give me that fucking shit.” Moira sternly growled as she sidled into the narrow doorway. Her belly and butt made a grinding noise as the fabric squeezed past the mattress material of the holding cell. “I know you’ve gone through hell and back and probably think that you’re so special for getting through it all, but listen up sister, you weren’t the only one to survive through Umbrella’s schemes.”

The obese young woman stepped forward, still wary enough to keep her distance from her charge. She grabbed handfuls of her own belly as though attempting to pass on some of her obesity directly to the naked Mia.

“You think that you’re fat now? This is what happened to me when I was being treated, and I suffered barely a scratch. You were infected with that ‘Eveline’ thing for years. Now, we can do this the nice way or we can do it the force feeding, locked in the dark without anyone to talk to for days at a time way. I’m sure you’ve got your stories to tell about overcoming demons so you might as well chalk this one up to bad luck. It’s a small price to pay for getting to live.”

Moira folded her arms and turned her back in a huff, leaving Mia to contemplate her own outburst.

“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t…”

The teenager sighed. She had expected a bad reaction, but at least she wasn’t as bad as that Ada woman who kept trying to escape the entire time.

“Nah, it’s biggie…” Moira replied quietly. She remembered being faced with her own enormous belly and gave it a playful shake. Pounds of fatness wobbled between her fingertips. ”…Well…maybe just a little bit of a biggie, if you know what I mean…”

Mia laughed. It was nervous laughter, the kind used to purely break tension. She had finally come face to face with her captor/benefactor and she wasn’t at all expecting this to be their first interaction. Compared to all that time creeping around and expecting to be torn limb from limb at any moment by the Bakers, or Evie’s typical villain speech about world domination, it was a nice change.

“You guys have a terrible bedside manner for doctors.”

“Do I look like I’m old enough to have gone to med school? Naw, I’m just the girl running the treatment. Those guys that saved you from the mansion are the ones you should be thanking since they set all this up. Have you noticed you haven’t had a fever this entire time?”

Now that she mentioned it, aside from the new sensation of a chubby body keeping her down, Mia had felt the best she had in a very long time. She wiggled her toes and fingers experimentally. They too felt just a tiny bit thicker.

“I guess I’m going to have to get Ethan to increase our health insurance premiums again. At least I got a private room, even if the hospital food still sucks.”

“That kind of attitude is what’s gonna get you through this,” Moira smiled back, the dimples on her cheek growing deeper. “And hey, it’s not so bad, at least at this size, you can eat whatever you want without having to worry about it.”

Mia’s belly growled, just as it had done after the first treatment. Somehow, she was relieved enough to be hungry.

“Speaking of which, we’d better get you fed as well. It’ll be a little while longer before we can let you down still, but I can at least turn on the TV for you. Try to make the most of it. I’ll check on you after your tank is empty and we can do this again.”


The regimen went on for days at a time without much more added to the mix. She awoke, ate, was exposed to the device, fattened up a bit more and ate some more. She got to know Moira a little better during this time and learned that the whole process actually took more than thirteen hours a day to complete, of which she slept the other eleven. The food still tasted horrible and she always wanted to gag afterwards but found herself strangely unable to.

She learned about Moira’s story, how there were other girls like her being held here and that they had all experienced similar fates. While the two talked, Moira’s sister Natalia ran the pump and x-ray. She was surprised to learn that a girl a little over the age of 12 was the one pumping her to fatness but if the teenager trusted her with such a task, who was she to argue.

Mia had always suspected there were a number of different viruses, but was unaware of the unifying trigger they all shared, at least in female victims. After reaching a certain size, it would simply go dormant, shut down as the host body gained weight at a rapid pace. It was a trick of human physiology, to convince the body to store fat as a part of starvation mode. The real catch was what size she would have to be before she was considered ‘safe’.

Moira hadn’t been kidding about how her gain was just beginning. Ten pounds here and twenty pounds there, quickly became spurts of thirty and forty. It was somewhere about the fifth treatment where she had finally crossed the threshold into the two hundred pound range and left thinness behind for good. Mia soon found herself chugging down two full tanks of the greasy goo after every meal, knowing her limits of fullness were approaching when her slightly expanded breasts made contact with the underside of her outstretched belly.

After enough trust had been established, Moira would occasionally visit the holding cell in person with a number of hazmat suited guards to personally ensure that Mia’s underworked muscles were rubbed and stretched. She wasn’t exercising at all and she was quickly losing muscle tone. They even started to play a little game, pointing out the areas where her new fat was accumulating. Most of it had continued to make its way onto her hips and thighs but her belly was starting to look significantly softer on its own accord, adding nearly seven inches to her starting size. Her breasts grew a little heavier and floppier as her former athletic figure was swallowed in softness.

“Moira…please…I need to rest…Just give me…a minute…”

The feeding tube hesitated a few inches away from her mouth, its gooey contents leaking a few greasy drops onto the sterile, white floor of Mia’s cell.

“Okay, but not too long. We’re making good time with the treatment you know. You’re slurping down almost three of whole tubes a day.”

“Really?…I thought…it seemed…like I was…eating was more…”

“I think I got to about four a day before I was done. I hope you’ll reach that soon so we can finally let you down.”

“This girl is relentless!” Mia thought to herself as she finally gave the thumbs up for the tube to be reinserted back into her mouth. “It’s only been about a week and I’ve gained nearly double my body weight in fat! I hope they at least provide me with a new wardrobe…”

Three more days of this would see her reach that point as the fourth tank was finally introduced. New fat was added to Mia’s body daily and she found herself actually becoming more hungry in spite of the fact that her stomach was almost never empty. Each tank held at least four litres, meaning that in between each serving, her bloated sack of a belly was pumped to its maximum. It quivered and shook, distending out a full foot ahead of her with fullness alone and another half foot of thick, quivering fat.

Two weeks had passed since the start of her treatment and she was certain that her husband wouldn’t have recognized her. New rolls of fat hung and drooped all over her body which still somehow remained blemish free. Her breasts were large and floppy, resting low and heavy over her great, sagging belly. Her cheeks were puffy and her arms looked like fat-filled water balloons which hung from her body. She was almost a quarter of a ton now and nearly five times her starting weight. Mia’s body had adapted so much that she was starting to look forward to choking down the tube’s vile mixture, just to placate the emptiness within her monstrous belly. Her vastness had grown beyond measure as she could feel even her ankles beginning to swell over the tops of her feet as she awaited the process to continue.

Moira had also noticed a change in her, something she had never quite reached herself. Mia was heavier than her now, but it seemed as though food was always on her mind. Where they used to talk about her husband or what they’d do once they got out of the treatment cells, the topics always somehow shifted to what ‘real food’ she’d like to eat on the outside. Once she reached six-hundred pounds and showed no signs of stopping, the teenager began to grow concerned.

“Seriously, what the fuck is this…” Moira blurted out as she eyed Mia’s latest scan results. “You’ve had a few days beyond the maximum treatment time and it still says your viral readings are still too high…they’ve barely even dropped by half…”

“Ish at baa?” (Is that bad) Mia garbled between mouthfuls of the slop. The translation hadn’t been lost as Moira had gotten good at understanding what she wanted to say even with her mouth full.

“Well…sort of…they are falling but at this rate you’re going to be a hell of a lot bigger than I had anticipated…I hope your husband is into fat chicks...”

“Aaaa…I…at..gouh…al…eddy?” (Aren’t I fat enough already?)

Moira sighed and increased the load to Mia’s feed. She watched her cheeks puff with the enhanced speed for just a moment before she managed to adjust to the quickened pace.

“You have no idea how big this is going to make you…”


Less than another week went by before Mia’s weight had nearly once more. She was now officially approaching half a ton and still continuing to gain. Her viral load had started to finally settle but it dawned upon her that she had put on over nine hundred pounds in the space of a month. The quarantine period had still yet to finish but now that Mia was far too big to move about on her own, Moira was able to at least negotiate the removal of her restraints. Once freed, her flabby arms were finally able to explore the softness of her body but instead went straight for the tube in her mouth which she continued to suckle at greedily. She didn’t even need the bit in her mouth either as she had grown accustomed to the taste. It now took an entire team of hazmat suits to clean and wash her, making sure her skin was oiled to keep her elasticity in check. Thoughts of clothing were shuffled far back into the deep reaches of her mind as she watched herself gaining on the monitors, her shape vaguely resembling that of a female human.

Mia’s belly bulged out before her like a family sized beanbag, neatly occupied by the twin, pale, flabby pancakes of her enormous breasts. What was visible of her legs had been swallowed up by rolls and her thighs alone were larger than an average tree-trunk. Moira grabbed almost as much fat on the woman’s arms as she could on her own four hundred pound belly, much to Mia’s embarrassment. No matter how she felt, however, she could still do nothing to stop herself from eating.

The walls of the holding cell were starting to creep inwards as more mattresses and padding were arranged around her immobile form. Whether or not Mia seemed to mind however, was becoming harder to gauge as she rarely seemed to speak as much as she focused intently on the tube in her mouth. When sitting up became too much of a bother for her, it took a team of at least twelve burly hazmat suits and a miniature crane to lift and reposition her onto her belly which continued to grow underneath her.

A further four hundred pounds would come and go before Mia’s sides finally grazed the wall of her cell. A sensation of warmth filled her as she continued to feed, her feet mindlessly kicking against the overlapping fat from her calves and ankles out of shock for the new sensation. She was comfortable in this new form, and she had grown to appreciate the sheer enormity of her backside which could easily have been used as a dinner table for a family of four.

Up in the control tower, Moira could see Mia’s body starting to fill every conceivable inch of the holding cell room. She had just about all she could stand.

“This is insane…Even if we do get her better, what quality of life will she have at that size!” the overweight teenager exclaimed. She turned to her little sister who was still seated at the feeding controls. “Natalia, put her on maintenance feeding for a little while. That should keep her full but not let her get any fatter. I’m going to sort things out with the bosses.”

Moira lifted her coat off of the heavy duty working chair she had been watching Mia from and made her way out the wide double door of the office. She was just about to slip her flabby arm through one of the sleeves when she heard the click of a pistol hammer behind her.

“I can’t let you do that, sis.”

Moira froze. She dropped the other half of her coat and raised her arms.

“Natalia…hey that’s not funny…You know how I feel about guns…please put it down…”

She dared not make any sudden movements. The scared little girl who had been by her side through her own ordeal wasn’t there anymore. Realization dawned upon her as she felt the barrel of the pistol sink its way into her backfat. This was someone masquerading as Natalia the whole time.

“Who are you…Just you wait until I get Leon or my dad down here…”

Had she the stomach to turn around she would have seen the twisted grimace of a far older woman, worn by the age of years and disappointments well beyond he experiences of the average 12 year old. Her youthful chubbiness did little to hide her intentions.  

“And let you spoil all my fun? I thought that big sisters were supposed to be nice to little sisters.”

She pushed even harder and felt Moira wince even more. Holding someone hostage with a fear of weapons made this all too easy, she might as well have brandished the empty magazine to have Moira submit to her whims.

“Maybe you’re not ‘big’ enough, to be my sister? At least…not yet…”

“Y-you’re never going to get away with this…” Moira stuttered, already on the verge of tears.

“Oh, how absolutely cliché. Is that the best you can do, miss hero? I didn’t work this hard to steal this little girl’s body and work my way into your organization, only to snatch your precious ‘survivors’ out from under your noses. Fattening up women to save them and actually finding an organization to pay for all that, honestly my dear, you’ve made things all to easy.”

“W-what are you going to do to me…”

“I am going to reclaim my ‘samples’ and continue my research. As for you, Moira Burton, you’re going to join our good friend Mia and the rest of the female biohazard survivors. I even have a nice new holding cell just for you.”

The door opened and several hazmat suits entered. Moira had seen them about the place, assisting her with taking care of Mia, but this was the first time that she had ever been confronted by one directly. Looking deep into those blank, visors where she could normally only ever see her reflection, she beheld their true form. Something inhuman slithered against the headpiece.

“Take her away,” Natalia shouted as she shoved her overweight sister forward. Hands caught her by the belly and upper arms as they dragged her away, kicking and screaming to her very own holding cell with her very own tube of feed ready for her to taste.


She had read the newspaper clippings. It had only taken half a year this time before Ethan had filed another missing person’s report on his wife. The photo of Mia’s former self would be useless in aiding in their search however as she no longer resembled even a fraction of the woman she used to be.

The first was her face. After going well over several tons, Mia’s face was almost featureless. She had nasal tubes in place to help her breathe and an industrial sized feeding tube to keep her full. There were several of the x-ray machines zipping about her, exposing her at all times to whatever it was that was helping her digest while more food was being pumped into her. Her cheeks drooped with so much fat that they hung to her shoulders and the rest of her face was swallowed up in several chins.

Beneath all of that lay her colossal form. She was more fat than girl, her human skeleton long since buried beneath all of that quivering jello. Rolling pale hills of perfectly soft and supple flesh adorned her figure from every angle.  Her hands and feet had long since disappeared into her body, with only her arm and thigh rolls jutting out as far as they would go. Her breasts had long since flowed like a landslide over the vastness of her belly and onto the floor around her. No descriptive in the human language could hold a candle to the sheer enormity of her belly or even begin to encapsulate the vast quantity of her enormous backside which had fused with her hips and thighs to become a scalable mountain of fat rolls upon fat rolls. Her sheer girth kept her upright and she was baby soft.

Mia Winters might have been called the fattest woman ever, if not for the several other girls all lining the cells next to her, each just as huge and only growing huger. Names like ‘Moira Burton’, ‘Ashley Graham,’ ‘Jill Valentine’ and ‘Claire Redfield’ were not befitting the new national landmarks growing rapidly in their open-air containers. They would all have to get new ones when they could finally be seen from space.

As much as Natalia had enjoyed Mia’s fattening, the girl was far too trusting and complacent to make it any real fun. It would be Ada Wong who would reach that size first.

“My, my, the brave agent Wong, once so flexible and athletic, now nothing more than a colossal bag of blubber. I did tell you that all you had to do was get out of that little old cage and you’d be scot free. I never expected that you’d have liked my little concoction so much that you’d drink it down of your own accord.”

The former Asian commando had gone from a slender femme fatale to an almost inhuman wall of blubber. The tattered remains of her Chinese dress clung to her multiple neck rolls like a bib while her body steadily ballooned out beneath her. Her belly had folded into quarters, giving some semblance of a bodybuilder’s ‘6-pack’ only coated in much more feminine flab and her hips were so wide that they reached end to end of the holding cell where she lay gorging herself on her tube.

Natalia reminisced when she still had some fight in her, her most challenging project yet. She wanted to see those arms struggle again, only to watch them drop in defeat as they became far too heavy with drooping flab. She wanted to see the despair on her face as the rest of her body grew even wider, including her fingers in toes.

“Oh, what the hell, why not.”

There was a distinct sound of lowering power as Ada’s feed shut down. For the first time in months, the agent’s eyes shot open, at least as much as they could past her permanently puffy cheeks. She began to wiggle her fingers, as close to failing as she could manage at her enormity as the hunger set in. Her heart rate monitor was rising faster. Her body began to quake.

“What’s wrong, Ada? You hungry? All you have to do is ask.”

Panic stricken hormones flooded her enormous frame, causing her gigantic breasts to lash against the floor either side of her gargantuan belly. Thick, white milk began to pulse from her enormous, pancake-sized areola, at first forming a trickle and then becoming a spray. At that size, she was completely dependent on her feed like a baby would be on its pacifier. It was pathetic, but oh so delightful for her to watch.


Surprisingly, Ada had somehow detached herself from the tube. She dare not stray too far in case the feed restarted, but just far enough to deliver a laboured message.

“Because I think you’re getting a bit too fat, my dear Agent Wong,” Natalia’s childish reply echoed through her chamber. “At the rate you’re eating, you’ll become three times the size you are now. Is that really what you want?”


Natalia smirked mercilessly and restarted the feed. Ada’s vitals settled and the enormous blob of a woman sunk back into a restful, food induced sleep.

Natalia smiled down at her handy-work from atop the control tower. The teddy she always carried uncharacteristically flipped open to reveal a very high-tech ear piece and speaker inbuilt into the doll’s stomach.

“Authorize, Alex Wesker. Umbrella Corp number 8743292 of the Progenitor project. I am ready to emerge from hiding.”

She held it up to her ear.

“Yeah, it’s me. Of course I survived. All samples have been immobilized and are ready for transport. Some subjects have even begun to lactate. Prepare for phase two…” 

Resident Evil WG Story (Commission)
Commissioned story by :icongrimmer29: 
Thanks very much for commissioning me!

This takes place after the end of Resident Evil 7, with little throw backs to the other games in the series.
Who knew that curing diseases could be so fattening?

Second Opinion - Short Story Coms Open

Journal Entry: Tue May 9, 2017, 8:23 AM

Lately, I've been trying to be a little bit more productive around here. My average story count is roughly 2-3 a year which is something I feel I've been neglecting, largely due to the fact that I work a full time job at the various hospitals in my area. Its how I pay the bills and contributes largely towards the number of commissions I've acquired from some of my favourite artists over the years.

As such, I have a little proposition for all of you.

In order to justify the use of my time beyond the occasional fun story for free, I thought that it would be a fun thing to take up a brief run of commissions again. Story commissions tend not to get as much hype or interest as art commissions however, so to make this more interesting, I would be aiming to launch these options as a combination where you may pay a little extra with your story purchase in order to contribute towards the acquisition of a WG art piece to accompany the written product. This does entirely depend on artist availability and interest of course, but since everyone likes a story with some visuals, it would be one possible option.

Let me know what you think.

Coms have been opened with 1 slot remaining in this new mode. This slot will be retained as a fanfiction topic.

Prices are as follows
$35 USD for around 3-4 pages start up (size 10 verdana font, single spacing)
$15 USD for every additional page after

Additional costs depending on artist selection and availability - negotiable through notes

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Second Opinion - Short Story Coms Open

Journal Entry: Tue May 9, 2017, 8:23 AM

Lately, I've been trying to be a little bit more productive around here. My average story count is roughly 2-3 a year which is something I feel I've been neglecting, largely due to the fact that I work a full time job at the various hospitals in my area. Its how I pay the bills and contributes largely towards the number of commissions I've acquired from some of my favourite artists over the years.

As such, I have a little proposition for all of you.

In order to justify the use of my time beyond the occasional fun story for free, I thought that it would be a fun thing to take up a brief run of commissions again. Story commissions tend not to get as much hype or interest as art commissions however, so to make this more interesting, I would be aiming to launch these options as a combination where you may pay a little extra with your story purchase in order to contribute towards the acquisition of a WG art piece to accompany the written product. This does entirely depend on artist availability and interest of course, but since everyone likes a story with some visuals, it would be one possible option.

Let me know what you think.

Coms have been opened with 1 slot remaining in this new mode. This slot will be retained as a fanfiction topic.

Prices are as follows
$35 USD for around 3-4 pages start up (size 10 verdana font, single spacing)
$15 USD for every additional page after

Additional costs depending on artist selection and availability - negotiable through notes

  • Listening to: NieR Automata OST
  • Reading: Med Text Books
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Follow the exploits of this doctor and nurse surgical team as they lead you through the world of medically themed WG literature, WG fanfiction and other stories where girls go plump and juicy. Always open to interacting with other people's OCs under the right circumstances. Feel free to drop a note if you wish to make an appointment

Current Residence: On a cape overlooking the sea
Favourite genre of music: Classical, techno, trance, R&B, J-pop, hip-hop
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Favourite cartoon character: Dr Black Jack, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Belldandy, Sakuya Izayoi, Motoko Aoyama
Personal Quote: It's so easy to take a human life, but do you know just how hard it is to save one?

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